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Judo Jr 1st Degree

General terms for USJA Jr exam

What is the name of your judo organization? United States Judo Association
Who was the founder of judo? Dr. Jigoro Kano
What is the name of the school he founded? The Kodokan
When was Kodokan Judo founded? 1882
Teacher Sensei
Sitting on knees Anza
Attention Kiyotsuke
Bow Rei
Falling methods or ways Ukemi
Off balance Kuzushi
Repetition attack without throwing (practice the technique without the throw) Uchi Komi
Person receiving the technique Uke
Person performing the technique Tori
Begin! Hajime!
Stop! Matte!
I surrender! Maitta!
Free practice Randori
1st principal of judo - maximum efficiency Seiryoku Zenyo
2nd principal of judo- mutual benefit and welfare Jita Kyoei
How long have unarmed combat martial arts been practiced in Japan? 600-1000 years
How many degrees are there in currently in the USJA junior rank system? 10
Parts of a throw - Balance Kuzushi
Parts of a throw - Entry Tsukuri
Parts of a throw - Execution Kake
Created by: amygilstrap7