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Native Cultures of Pre-Columbian America - Unit Test

What was the most important job of an Iroquois male? hunter
One widely accepted theory suggests that the ancestors of Native American Indians migrated to the Americas from Asia by crossing the: Bering Strait Land Bridge
Young trees that were used to frame houses are called: saplings
When the creation story began: which did not exist the great sea turtle, the sky world, the sky woman, the earth the earth
Iroquois primarily lived in: longhouse
The Iroquois believed that the world is ruled by: twins
A group of people held together by family and social ties, geography and customs: speaking the same language and sharing the same set of leaders is called a: clan
The Iroquois nations were located in what Native American culture region? Eastern Woodlands
The Headman of the Faces also called the Great Rim face was: Old Broken Nose
The "capital" of the Iroquois League, where meetings were held, was at the land of the; Onondaga
Clans were inherited through: the mother's family
People who join together for a common purpose are called a: tribe
The protectors of the Confederacy were the: Mohawk and Seneca
All of the following Native American groups developed advanced civiliations, EXCEPT: Aztec, Algonquian, Inca, Maya Algonquian
What sacred plant did the Iroquois burn to communicate with the sky world? tobacco
What was the domain of the women? clearing
The three sisters included all of the following crops , EXCEPT: corn, pumpkin, squash, beans pumpkin
What method would the Iroquois use for their children to learn their story of creation? oral tradition
When did the first Americans arrive on the continent? 10-15,000 years ago
The first Americans originated from the continent of: Asia
All of the following are reasons for tribal migration to the Americas EXCEPT: following the heards of animals for hunting, looking for warmer climate, driven out by enemy tribes, depleted resources of an area looking for warmer climate
All of the following was a responsibility of an Iroquois woman EXCEPT: planting crops, taking care of children, preparing meals, building longhouses building longhouses
Which feature would be an aspect of a Native American empire or civilization? social classes and job specialization
Which adaptation to the environment is illustrated by the Iroquois use of the longhouse: trees for building materials
The domain of Iroquois men was the: forest
Iroquois "peach chiefs" were called: sachems
The ____ selected the chiefs of the Iroquios. women
Each longhouse was owned by the eldest woman in the family called the: clan matron
The league of the Iroquois led to the downfall of the: Algonquian
The Iroquois wore masks in order to: cure the ill
The practice of passing down information from generation to generation by work of mouth is called: oral tradition
I created man from clay and baked him in the fire: who am I Right-handed twin
I had some roots in my hand when I landed. Sky-woman
I became ruler of the night after my death Left handed twin
Sacred tobacco grew from my heart. Mother of twins
The work was built on my back the great sea turtle
The Iroquois Confederacy (League of Nations) was formed to end the _________ between the five tribes Fighting/War
The League of Five Nations consisted of: Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga
Created by: cmiller621