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Native American Cultures - Quiz

Native Americans developed cultures because they: adapted their ways of life to different environments
Scientists believe that the first people reached the Americas by: crossing a land bridge from Asia
Which of following peoples are paired incorrectly with the environment they lived in? Mohawk - Northwest Coast
What material was most commonly used among Native Americans to make clothing? animal skins
Large sheets of ice and snow covering large areas of land and water during the Ice Age were called: glaciers
In which Native American culture region does present day New York State exist? Eastern Woodlands
What did Columbus call the natives he first met in America? Indians
When did the first Americans arrive on the continent? 20,000 years ago
The "land bridge" is now covered by what body of water? the Bering Strait
In which culture region did the people move often to follow the buffalo and used 'portable' home called tepees? Great Plains
In the _______, the people experienced harsh, cold climate, where they hunted seals and whales and built igloos. Arctic
The dry, desert-like climate of the ________, made farming difficult. The people lived in adobe house and built underground religious chambers called kivas. Southwest
In which region did the people live in longhouses made of wood from the forested areas around them? They also had a league of five tribes that dominated the area. Eastern Woodlands
Haudenosaunee (the people of the longhouse) we the name for which group of Native Americans? Iroquois
This culture region included the largest amount of Native Americans. The fertile soil, plentiful rain and good climate produced a varied number of crops Southwest
Salmon was an abundant food source for the people of the region. In addition, many families held a potlatch to show off their wealth by giving away gifts to their guests at a feast. Northwest Coast
Which of the following was NOT one of the Iroquois tribes? Mohawk, Apache, Seneca, Onondaga Apache
What is a nomadic people who move around alot and don't stay in one place
Created by: cmiller621