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Unit 13 2018

Civil War

what was the last reason for the civil war finally starting? election of Lincoln
Where were the 1st shots of the civil war fired? Fort Sumter
Another name for union is: North
Another name for Confederacy is: South
Why is South Carolina important? It is where Fort Sumter is located
The name of the new southern nation was: Confederate States of America
Who was the President of the Confederate states of America? Jefferson Davis
What northern state NEVER voted for Lincoln? New Jersey
What are some states that make up the union? California, Vermont, Rhode Island, Indiana
The blue can best be described as: The north
Who wore a grey uniform? The south
What years were the Civil War fought? 1860-1864
Define secede: To leave
What answer has a border state listed: Delaware
What side did the border states support? north
What are some southern states? Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, Texas
What state did not belong to the Confederacy? Oklahoma
What state was not a border state? Nebraska
Border states were those states: in between the north and the south
About how many people died fighting the Civil War? 600,000
The Civil War is often called a war between the blue and the grey
The south's population was 9 million. How many were slaves? 4 million
Why would the north win the war? they had more railroads and people
What did the south have more of? rice, donkeys, cotton
Define emancipation: freedom
The turning point of the war was at: Gettysburg
Who passed the Emancipation Proclamation? Lincoln
What did the Emancipation Proclamation do? Freed slaves only in areas of the country in rebellion
Where is Gettysburg Pennsylvania
What was Gettysburg before the Civil War? Farm
What did Gettysburg become? cemetary
What didn't the Emancipation Proclamation do? free the slaves in the border states
Who did the Emancipation Proclamation really free? no one
Why was the Battle of Gettysburg important? Because if the south won, they would surround Washington
What was the 1st state to secede? South Carolina
Who won the Civil War? North
Who assassinated Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth
What was the job of Lincoln's assassin? actor
Where was Lincoln assassinated? Fords Theatre
How many days after the war was Lincoln assassinated? 5 days
Where is Lincoln's body today? Illinois
Fort Sumter can best be called an island off of South Carolina
What western state was a part of the union? California
How many troops did the Confederacy lose at Gettysburg? 40%
How many troops did the union lose at Gettysburg? 25%
What side won Gettysburg? north
What happened to Lincoln's assassin? shot himself in the head
what groups of people led Lincoln's body from the White House to the Capitol? black soldiers
What was Lincoln watching when he was killed? Our American Cousin
Border State slaves were not included in the Emancipation Proclamation
Created by: rsweeney