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Revolutionary War Vocabulary terms Quiz

A law that required colonists to pay for the housing of British soldiers Quartering Act
a tax placed on goods such a lead, paper, paint, glass and tea Townsend Act
groups of colonists formed to plan protests of British acts and policies Sons of Liberty
a colonist who supported American Independence Patriot
A line drawn along the Appalachian Mountains tht forbade the colonists to settle west Proclamation of 1763
a colonist who remained loyal to British and the King Loyalist
a tax placed on legal documents and paper goods, such as newspapers, wills, playing cards... Stamp Act
search warrants which allowed British officers to search homes and ships for smuggled goods Writs of Assistance
the argument of colonists over taxes passed by Parliament without the support of colonial vote or voice Taxation Without Representation
an early tax on molasses that established Britian's right to tax colonists Sugar Act
a law that requiread colonies to trade only with Britain Navigation Acts
attacks by Native Americans in the Ohio Country on colonial forts and settlements in an attempt to drive settlers off land Pontiac's War
violation of British trade laws illegally bringing goods in or out of the colonies Smuggling
the accidental shooting of several colonists by British Redcoats during a colonial protest of the Townsend Acts Boston Massacre
Created by: cmiller621