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Causes of the Revolutionary War - Test

The French and Indian War began because both the French and the English wanted to control the fertile lands along what river? Ohio
What was the result of the French and Indian War that eventually led to the American Revolution? England decided to make the American colonists help pay war debts
The main purpose of the Navigation Acts passed by England was to: ensure that England benefited from colonial trade
Many American colonists believed that British tax laws were unfair because? colonists lacked representation in Parliment
The Stamp Act put a tax on: all legal documents and newspapers
The Sons and Daughters of Liberty were organized to: discuss and plan ways to protest British policies
Why did the Indians under Pontiac attach British forts in the Ohio region? they wanted to force the "white men" off their land
The Intolerable Acts were passed to punish the colony of Massachusetts because of the: Boston Tea Party
The Writs of Assistance were: search warrants used by British officers
The Proclamation of 1763: forbade settlement west of the Appalachian Mountians
When colonists boycotted British goods, they: refused to buy the goods
Why did the Massachusetts colonists hold the Boston Tea Party? to protest the British tax on tea
Which of the following did not happen af ter the Boston Tea Party? the British passed a tax on tea
British troops fought with colonists at Lexington and Concord after the British: marched to capture colonial weapons
The Townsend Acts angered the colonists because they: placed a tax on lead, paint, glass and tea
Which of the following laws required the colonists to trade only with England? Navigation Acts
Who won the French and Indian War? Britain
England's governing body of lawmakers is called: Parliament
Several colonists were accidentally killed for protesting taxes at the: Boston Massacre
Anti-British feelings among the colonists grew more intense because of Paul Revere's engraving of the: Boston Massacre
Colonists were required to provide housing for British soldiers according to the: Quartering Act
The colonists often taunted the British soldiers by call them: redcoats
The Proclamation of 1763 forbade: colonists to settle WEST of a line drawn along the Appalachian Mts.
The "shot heard round the world", the first shot starting the war, was fired at the Battle of: Lexington
The ________ were forced to "retreat" back to Boston after the Battle of Concord. British
Colonists objected to taxes enforced by Britain because they: Did not think that taxation with representation was fair
What was not a colonial action or group formed to respond to British acts : non-importation, Sons of Liberty, Stamp Act Congress, Pontiac's War Pontiac's War
At the first Continental Congress, the colonial representatives agreed to do all of the following EXCEPT compromise with Britain over tax laws
I rode through the night to warn the patriots that the "British are coming!" Paul Revere
The patriots used propaganda against British after which the following events? the shooting at the Boston Massacre
Army of citizens who serve as soldiers in an emergency Militia
a colonist who remained loyal to Britain Loyalist
a colonist who supported American Independence Patriot
refusal to by a product Boycott
illegally bringing goods in or out of the colonies Smuggling
To cancel of withdraw a law Repeal
group of colonists who wrote letters protesting British acts Committees of Correspondence
inaccurate information spread to influence people's opinions Propaganda
belief that the colonies exist to benefit the economy of the mother country Mercantilism
volunteers who prepared to fight the British in 1775 if called upon quickly Minutemen
The British government established the Proclamation Line of 1763 mainly to: avoid conflicts with the Native Americans
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