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The American Revolutionary War - Unit Test

The 13 colonies declared themselves to be "free and independent states" on: July 4, 1776
German mercenaries hired to fight against the colonists were called: Hessians
When the British troops clashed with the Continental army in the Battle of New York andLong Island; Washington's troops were forced to retreat
Americans wanted an alliance with France because: Americans needed supplies and naval support
Which of the bagttles took place before the signing of the Declaration of Indenpendence? Bunker Hill
The Olive Branch Petition was sent in order to: make a last attempt at peace
The turning point of the war took place at the battle of: Saratoga
The final battle of the war as fought at: Yorktown
Which document is a primary source concerning the American Revolution? a journal of the events written by a Continental soldier
The Green Mountain Boys participated in teh colonial raid on: Fort Ticonderoga
What was a result of the French and Indian War that led directly tot he American Revolution? England decided to make the Americans colonists help pay war debts
The first major battle was: Bunker Hill
A colonist who supported the English King during the revolution was called a: loyalist
The American spy captured and executed at the Battle of New York was" Nathan Hale
Which statement about Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-1778 is most accurate? Valley Forge was the scene of much hardship for General Washington's troops
The Declaration of Indenpendence did: Explain the rights of a nation and the principles of government, list the wrongs commited by King George III, declare independence
In which area did the Revolutionary War begin: New England
The American victory in the Revolution was because of: Washington's leadership, French aid, British unfamiliarity with the terrain
Who was the leader of the Green Mountain Boys? Ethan Allen
The Battle of Bunker Hill is best described by: the British won, but with very high loses
The Independence of the United States was finally accepted by the British in 1783 through the signing of the: Treaty of Paris
Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Where was the "shot heard 'round the world" fired? Lexington
What strategy did the southern militias use to keep the British off guard in the South? hit and run-guerilla warfare
What river did Washington cross to suprise the Hessians at Trenton? Delaware
In Common Sence, Thomas Paine wrote that he supported American Indepencence because: America was too far from Britain to be easlily goverened, there was not advantage to being connected with Britain, America was alread at war with Britian
The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought: on Breed's Hill
The only aggressive step taken at the meeting of the second Continental Congress was: The Continental Army was set up
The delagates to the second Continental Congress were divided over: compromising with or fighting against Britain
According to the Declaration of Independence, everyone has a right to: Life, Liberty andthe pursuit of happiness
In the Battles of Trenton of Princeton: suprise attacks created patriot victories which gave Americans new hope
Saratoga was a turning point in the war because: It boosted American morale with a much needed victory, it convinced France to sign a treaty of alliance with the colonists, it convinced Benedict Arnold to change sides in the war
All of the following were advantages of the colonies except: they had a strongest navy in the world
Which of the events are in the correct order? French and Indian War, Boston Tea Party, Battle of Lexington, Declaration of Indenpendence
In the Treaty of Paris of 1783, what did the British agree to? recognize the independence of the United States
Who was the first person to Sign the Declaration of Independence? John Hancock
What did the Americans need to do in order to REALLY get independence? win the Revolutionary War
Who was the commander -in-chief of the Continental Army? George Washington
Who was the British general who surrendered at Yorktown end the Revolutionary War? Gen. Cornwallis
Which statement represents one of the main indeas in the Declaration of Independence? People have a right to rebel against an unjust government
Which statment is most consistent with the views of Loyalists in the 1770s? The colonists should be greatful to be under British rule and protection
First major battle of the Revolutionary War Bunker Hill
Burgoyne's surrender, making the war's turning point Saratoga
Battle begun with Washington's crossing of the Delaware Trenton
Famous naval battle involving John Paul Jones North Sea
Final conflict of the American Revolution Yorktown
Major British victory forces Washington to retreat New York
Created by: cmiller621
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