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English Colonization - Who Am I - Test

I wanted to help debtors and other p oor people start a new life. I named my colony Geogie. Gen James Ogelthorge
I belonged to the Quakers. I founded a colony to protect the religious freedom of Quakers as well as other groups William Penn
I decided to leave a colony where I felt the governor had too much power. My followers and I built the town of Hartford and enacted the Fundamental Orders, which were used to govern our colony. Thomas Hooker
I am soldier and adventurer who saved the settlers at Jamestown from disaster. I got the men to work if they wanted to eat. Pocahontas saved my life once. Capt. John Smith
I developed a special blend of tobacco that became very popular in Euproe. As a result my colony began to prosper. I also became the husband of Pocahontas. John Rolfe
I was the founder of the Massachusetts and the leader of the Puritans. I had very strict rules for my colony that many felt were narrow minded. Your were only allowed to vote if you were a regular member of the church. I was both a governor and a minis John Winthrop
We established a colony located between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers. This land was given to us from our frined the Duke of York. We offered both religious freedom and cultural diversity as the proprietors of our colony. Today our colony is known as t Lord John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret
Created by: cmiller621