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Chapter 9 test for h

history test

vault curved ceiling
ode poem that expresses strong emotion about life
Constantine moved Rome's capital to Constantinople
colosseum arena that could hold 60,000 people
Justinian a strong emperor of the Byzantine empire
christianity began in Roman empire
severans emperors who staying in power by paying the army well
Byzantine empire included Greeks, Egyptians, Syrians, Arabs, Jews, Slavs, and others
mosaics pictures made from small pieces of colored glass or stone
latin became the basis of many modern European languages
forum open space for a marketplace in the middle of Rome
regent a person who stands in for a young or sick ruler
what did Galen think was important? studying body structure
How were Greek statues and Roman statues the different? Roman statues looked more realistic
What caused people to start bartering? Rome's coins lost value
What percent of Italy's people were enslaved in 100BC? 40%
What was done after Theodosius' death? divided the Roman empire in two
What was the result of the Battle of Adrianople? other Germanic tribes attacked Rome
Empress Theodora helped what/who? women gain more rights
How long did the Byzantine empire last? about 1,000 years
Byzantine women mainly did what? stayed home to raise children
What was the major industry of the Byzantine empire? silk weaving
Created by: sc_63