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English Colonization - Unit Test

What were the motives for the English colonization of America? economic opportunity, political freedom, social mobility
This settlement ws teh first attempt by the English to settle America. It was a failure Roanoke
The biggest demand for slaves was in the ________ colonies: Southern
Which was not a New England colong? Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Conneticut Maryland
Which was not a Middle colony: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland Maryland
Which was not a Southern colony: Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia Pennsylvania
We signed contracts that bound us to someone for a period of time in exchange for passage to America. We are indentured servants
Which of the following religious groups would have been most happy with the religious laws in England dur the 1600's? Anglicans
The first Africans to arrive in the English colony of Jamestown, came as: indentured servants
The Pilgrams and the Puritans both settle in the colony of: Massachusetts
The southern most colony was: Georgia
Who provided the funds needed to establish a corporate colony? the joint stock company
The first permanent settlement to be established by the English was at: Jamestown
The cash crop that became Virginia's "gold" was tobacco
Indentured servants (such as "Richard") took risks to come to the New World for all of the following reasons expcept: they wanted adventure and excitement, they wanted to see far places, they hoped for new opportunities in America, escape Eurpoean disea to escape Eurpoean diseases
The colony of Plymouth was established to enable people to have freedom: of religion
The Pilgrims were a religious group in England that were called Separatists
The House of Burgesses was an example of: representative government
Native Amerians helped Plymough colonists by: teaching them how to plant new crops and new ways to hunt
Which statement is true of both the Jamestown and Plymouth settlements? gold was found at each site, both celebrated Thanksgiving, many settlers died the first winter, settlers landed in springtime many settlers died from the first winter
under direct control of the monarch (king) Royal/Crown Colony
surplus of a product sold for money Cash crop
private business that sold shares to investors Joint Stock Company
a legal document giving certain rights to a person or company in order to set up a colony Charter
established by a charter given to an individual or individuals Proprietary Colony
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