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Early English Settlements - Quiz

What was the first attempt made by the English in 1585 and again in 1587 to establish a colony in America? Roanoke
What cash crop made Jamestown a success tobacco
The leader of Jamestown who saved the colony from disaster and forced the men to work if they wanted to eat was: Capt. John Smith
The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 as a result of a successful harvest in the colony of: Plymouth
The permanent English colony in America was: Jamestown
The colony of Plymouth was established to enable "Separatists" to have freedom: of religion
A person who signs a contract and agrees to work for 4-7 years in order to come to the New World was called a: indentured servant
The House of Burgesses was important because it provided the Jamestown settlers with: representative government
Native Americans, such as Squanto and Samoset, helped Plymouth colonists by: teaching them how to plant new crops and new ways to hunt
All of the following were events occurred in Jamestown in 1619 and marked the of the settlement as a permanent colony, EXCEPT John Smith established a no work, no food policy
Which English settlement became known as The Lost Colony? Roanoke
The Pilgrims were a religious group in England that were called: Separatists
The document that gave permission to set up an English colony in America was a: Charter
All of the following were critical problems suffered by the first colonists of Jamestown, EXCEPT: no gold
What agreement was signed aboard ship before the establishment of Plymouth in order to insure laws for the "general good of the colony"? Mayflower Compact
What Native American princess saved John Smith's life and helped establish a friendly relationship between the Jamestown settlers and the Powhatan Indians? Pocahontas
The first form of representative government in America, created in Jamestown in 1619, giving the colonists a voice in their law making, was called: The House of Burgesses
Sir Walter Raleigh played a major role in the establishment of which colony? Roanoke
The Pilgrims and the Strangers sailed aboard what ship in order to establish the second colony in America? The Mayflower
The first English child born in America was named: Virginia Dare
In which region of the United States were the first permanent English settlements located? Atlantic Coast
Created by: cmiller621
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