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Spanish French and Dutch Colonies - Quiz

The people profited from fishing, trapping and trading New France (French)
Africans were brought to the colony as slaves to replace Native Americans New Spain (Spanish)
Welcomed people of many nations and religious to colony - much diversity New Netherlands (Dutch)
Native Americans ( and eventually Africans) were the lowest class in the colonies - treated as a conquered people and kept in poverty. New Spain (Spanish
Bartolome de las Casas asked for laws prohabiting the enslavement of Native Americans. New Spain ( Spanish)
Missionaries traveled with fur traders and Native Americans New France (French)
The viceroys enforced the Laws of the Indies - a code of laws that started how the colonies should be organized. New Spain (Spanish)
This colony competed with the French in the fur trade New Netherlands (Dutch)
New Amsterdam was a busy port on the mouth of the Hudson River. New Netherlands (Dutch)
Thousands of Native Americans died from overwork in mines and on plantations as a result of enslavement as well as exposure to new diseases New Spain (Spanish)
The "coureurs de bois" (runners of the woods) traded furs with the Algonquians New France (French)
This colony used teh patroom system to encourge settlement New Netherlands (Dutch)
Many settelements were built along the St. Lawrence River includng Quebec New France (French)
Encomiendas gave settlers of this region the right to make demands on the Native Americans New Spain (Spanish)
These colonies were spread out throughout parts of Florida, Mexico, Central America and South America New Spain (Spanish)
Created by: cmiller621