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SS Final

All Quias from the second half of the year

What is the most abundant natural resource in the Middle East? Petroleum
What is the capital of Iraq? Baghdad
What is the capital of Afghanistan? Kabul
What was not a result of the first Gulf War? Saddam Hussein was not removed from power, Osama Bin-Laden goes to Iraq for help, peace terms and weapons inspections were agreed to by Iraq, there was enormous property damage Osama Bin-Laden goes to Iraq for help
What is the capital of Pakistan? Islamabad
The pilgrimage, made to Mecca once in a Muslim’s lifetime, is called a? Hajj
Who were the resistance fighter is Afghanistan? Mujahidin
What country does Iraq invade in the first Gulf War? Kuwait
What country was the Taliban the government for? Afghanistan
Which city is holy to followers of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam? Jerusalem
What was a major reason why Jimmy Carter was not re-elected President in 1980? The Iranian Hostage Crisis
What was not a reason the Soviets invade Afghanistan? To spread communism, to help a communist government stay in power, to spread Islam, to protect their interests in Afghanistan from western nations To spread Islam
Why is the Jordan River important to both Israel and its Arab neighbors? They use the river water for irrigation
What does “al Qaeda” mean? The base
What nation state was created and recognized by the United States after World War II? Israel
A main source of energy for industry in Pakistan is? Hydroelectricity
When Pakistan began its industrial growth, it based its industry on raw materials such as? Agricultural products
Which landform makes up the southern two-thirds of Israel? The Negev Desert
Who was the religious and political leader of Iran who instigated Iranian nationalists to capture the United States embassy in Tehran and hold 70 Americans hostage for 444 days? Ayatollah Khomeini
To grow their crops, Pakistani farmers depend on? Irrigation systems
The main reason that India and Pakistan are fighting over Kashmir is because Kashmir has? The Indus River and it is a source of fresh water
What is a major source of conflict for the people of the Middle East? Religious differences between its people
The two main rivers of the Middle East are the? Tigris and Euphrates
During what conflict does Osama Bin-Laden become a major player in world events? Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
What was the Iran-Iraq War fought over? Religion and border disputes
What country exports more petroleum than any other country on earth? Saudi Arabia
What was the main reason the U.S. got involved in the Iran-Iraq war? Because both countries were blowing up oil
Because of oil, Saudi Arabia was able to ________ their country’s school systems, roads, and telephones. Modernize
Many of the rules governing women’s behavior in Saudi Arabia come from the? The Quran
Which was not a cause for the second Gulf War? To remove Saddam Hussein from power, Iraq’s support of terrorism, cooperation of the Iraqi government with U.N. weapons inspectors, Iraq’s alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction Cooperation of the Iraqi government with U.N. weapons inspectors
What ethnic group has been without a home country for many years and were almost exterminated by the ethnic cleansing of Saddam Hussein? Kurds
Despite changes in Saudi Arabia, men and women are usually? Separate
Where do Muslims practice their religion? Mosques
Who, for nearly 40 years, exchanged inexpensive oil to the United States for money to buy weapons instead of helping the people of his country? Shah of Iran
What is the name of the government that aided Osama Bin-Laden? Taliban
Which president was responsible for launching operation Desert Storm and liberating Kuwait? George H. Bush
Which country is not considered to be a part of the Middle East? Iraq, Iran, Israel, India India
What is the main type of soil in the Middle East? Desert
About 40 years ago, the Indian subcontinent collided with Asia and formed the? Himalayan Mountains
Which country ruled India until its independence? Great Britain
Siddhartha Gautama eventually became known as? Buddha
What was China governed by in ancient times? An emperor
What is the capital of Japan? Tokyo
Three important contributions made by Ancient Chinese engineers were digging canals, building dams, and? Setting up irrigation systems
What is the capital of Vietnam? Hanoi
If you believe in the Four Noble Truths and follow the Eightfold Path you will reach nirvana in which Asian religion? Buddhism
The nations of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand form what region in Asia? Mainland Southeast Asia
Some of the Gods of this religion are natural objects, creatures, and abstract creative forces? Shinto
Some of Ancient China’s most important inventions were paper, gunpowder, and? The printing press
What country in Southeast Asia is not affected by monsoons? Indonesia
The enlightenment, Karma, and reincarnation are all principles of which religion? Hinduism
All of the following are effects of climate on Asia except? Drought, hurricanes, floods, typhoons Hurricanes
What religion stresses morality, ethics, and the proper exercise of political power by leaders? Confucianism
Why did Commodore Matthew perry come to Japan in 1853? To force the country to grant trading rights to the U.S.
What is a group of families who claimed a common ancestor? Clan
Seoul is the capital of what country? South Korea
Which of the following is a strong influence on the climates of East Asia? Monsoons
Phnom Penh is the capital of what country? Cambodia
Why did Japanese leaders keep their country isolated from the outside world for hundreds of years? To keep the country united
Due to ______ China and Japan’s cultures developed far differently than the rest of the world? Geographic isolation
Three important natural resources of South and Southeast Asia are land, minerals, and? Rain forests
India influenced Southeast Asia by introducing this? Buddhism
The founder of Taoism is? Lao Tzu
What is the capital of India? New Delhi
Air pollution and _______ are 2 major environmental concerns for Southeast Asia? Deforestation
Why do the majority of South Asians live in the river valleys of the region? The land is fertile
Which religion does the Yin Yang symbolize the balance of opposites in the universe? Taoism
How did colonial rule affect the economies of Southeast Asia? The ruling powers forced the farmers to grow cash crops
What is the capital of China? Beijing
What is most of the land used for in Southeast Asia? Subsistence farming
Which is not a major river system in Asia? Indus, Ganges, Amazon, Yangtze Amazon
Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma are gods in which religion? Hinduism
When the communists first took over China, which nation first supported them but then withdrew its support? Soviet Union
In the years since the Vietnam War, Vietnam's greatest economic successes have been in Rebuilding its cities
What is someone called if they flee to another country in time of war? Refugee
Who was the leader of North Korea? Kim Jong Il
What do North and South Korea have in common? Language and cultural heritage
After World War II, which nation gave Japan the most help in rebuilding its economy? The United States
In India, each person belongs to a social and economic class, called a(n)____? Caste
The weaponless area that separates North and South Korea is called the? Demilitarized zone
In an attempt to increase industrial production quickly in China, Mao Zedong began a policy known as the? Great Leap Forward
More Indian women than American women _____? Hold high government positions
Why did moderate Chinese leaders decide to allow limited free-enterprise into China in the late 1900's? To increase economic growth
What is the main reason North and South Korea remain divided? Political differences
In a(n) _____ system, people are allowed to choose their jobs, start businesses, and make a profit Free enterprise
The person who did the most for the rights of the untouchables in India was? Mohandas Gandhi
What was a major problem with the Indian caste system? There were only 4 castes to seperate people
What important event affected life in the two Koreas in 1950? North Korea invaded South Korea
Who became the first female Prime Minister of India? Indira Gandhi
What European colonial power did the Vietnamese, led by Ho Chi Minh, defeat? France
Governments often help businesses by __________ them with financial aid. Subsidizing
Why do Korea and China have close historical ties? Chinese people migrated and settled in Korea
Among the factors that affect climate in Latin America are? Elevation, distance to the equator, and wind patterns
The city of Tenochtitlan was the center of which ancient civilization? Aztec
Some Caribbean islands are formed from the tops of underwater mountains while others are formed from? Coral reefs
The first European colony in the Americas to win independence was? Haiti
The long mountain chain that runs along the western side of South America is called the? Andes
The types of crops grown by farmers in the Andes are heavily influenced by? Elevation
All of Latin America is located in the? Western Hemisphere
Brazil was once a colony of which European country? Portugal
The Incan civilization was located along the western coast of? South America
Two South American countries that produce large amounts of coffee as their key crop are? Brazil and Colombia
Copan and Tikal were cities in the __________ civilization. Mayan
The Aztecs built a great civilization in the area now called The Valley of Mexico
Most of the caudillos who ruled Latin American countries after independence? Were mainly concerned with getting rich and holding power
The Amazon River Basin is home to? The largest tropical rainforest in the world
Which of the following are accomplishments made by the Incas? Roads and aqueducts
Which of the following statements about foreign companies in Latin America was true? Foreign companies made huge profits but did little to help Latin American countries’ economies
Two leaders who contributed to independence in South America were Jose de San Martin and Simon Bolivar
Which of the following did NOT contribute to the Spanish victory over the Aztecs? The Spanish had horses and superior weapons, native groups helped the Spanish, disease wiped out many of the Aztecs, the Spanish had more soldiers The Spanish had more soldiers
All of the following are regions of Latin America EXCEPT? Mexico and Central America, South America, the United States, the Caribbean The United States
One of the uses of rivers in Central America is to produce? Hydroelectricity
The drop in oil prices in the 1980's probably helped to convince Venezuela to? Diversify its economy
The soil in the farming areas in Central America is made fertile by? Volcanic ash
The Line of Demarcation was an imaginary line that divided control of the territory in the Americas between which two countries? Spain and Portugal
To develop and control their own economies, Latin American countries are? Limiting foreign investment and emphasizing cooperation with one another
Created by: leahsklar
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