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What is totalitartianism dictatorship
Why was totalitarian gov't successful in 1930s? People were suffering (starving, poor etc.) and needed control and a strong central government
What was the legacy of the treaty of Versailles Punished Germany harshly. Germany had to pay reparations for many decades.
Mussolini Rose to power in the wake of World War I as a leading proponent of Facism.
Weimar Republic : What went wrong? People were atarving and suffering and blamed the gov't (WR) so the Nazi party gained popularity and Fascist state took over.
What is the code of Bushidoe Japanese people are so loyal to country they would die before surrendering.
"Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" a front for the Japanese control of occupied countries during World War II, in which puppet governments manipulated local populations and economies for the benefit of Imperial Japan.
Where did Japan conquer? China
What was Japan's goal? They wanted to expand their empire into Asia.
What was the negotiation with Japan before Pearl Harbor The US imposed sanctions preventing trade of good especially oil. They were trying to peacefully agree.
Pyramid of hate hitlers acts prejudice to genocide
Nirenberg laws jewish laws stating only pure germans could have relationships w each other (chart to show how jewish you were)
Joseph Goebbels Hitlers right hand man distributed propaganda (made propaganda)
Created by: Maisie123