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CGA-Final 6th Grade

CGA-Final 6th Grade - SS

absolute location geographic coordinates to mark exact location on earth
vegetation map Desert scrub, Temperate grassland, and forests are all shown on what kind of map?
thematic map a map that shows a particular theme, or topic
water shortages population growth is a major reason for ______ ________ in many countries
developed country a "wealthy country" with an advanced economy. Developed countries have many industries and provide a comfortable way of life for most of their people.
developing country A "poorer" country with a less advanced economy. In general, developing countries are trying to increase their industries and improve life for their people.
lungs of earth Rainforests are called the _______ __ _______ because of their role in the carbon-oxygen cycle.
biodiversity environmental groups in the Amazon rainforest most want to protect the many types of plants and animals
terracing farming method that makes it possible to raise crops on steep hillsides
transboundary pollution Pollution that starts in one country and crosses boundaries into other countries. Generally, transboundary pollution is carried by wind or water. (Chernobyl Disaster)
nationalism Feelings of loyalty and pride toward one’s nation or ethnic group. Nationalism sometimes includes the belief that one’s nation or group is better than all others.
hydroelectric potential The electrical power that can be generated from flowing water. Egypt’s main reason for building the Aswan High Dam.
poverty the state of being extremely poor
desertification and drought impacts wealth by The lack of rain has led to crop failures for farmers, rising food costs!
micro-entrepreneurs a person who starts and runs a very small business
apartheid The former official South African policy of separating people according to race. Apartheid gave most of the political and economic power to whites.
Nelson Mandela An ANC lawyer named who took charge of the fight to end apartheid laws. In 1962, he was sent to jail for his protest activities. He remained in prison for the next 27 years. 1994, he became S. Africa's first black president.
HDI rank statistics for healthcare, education, and per capita income - used to rank countries into four levels of human development.
OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) Organization that wants to ensure a steady supply of oil and a steady income.
information technology The use of technology to move, record, and process information. IT includes computers, cell phones, and the Internet.
outsourcing hiring someone outside a company to do work that was once done by the company’s own workers
globalization The development of a global, or worldwide, society in which people, money, information, and goods flow fairly freely across national borders
benefits of globalization Advances in communication and transportation, job creation, outsourcing can mean lower prices - so people can afford things they couldn't in the past, reduces conflicts between countries. It allows us to share ideas and can build respect for others.
negatives of globalization Lack laws to protect environment, require workers to work long hours for low wages, CHILD LABOR, sweatshops often unsafe or unhealthy, people can lose jobs because of factory closings/outsourcing, start wars in order to get supply of what they "need"
war impacts wealth by Destroys homes, business, and lives for people of every age. Government & personal money goes to the war effort. Loss of generations.
disease impacts wealth by Healthcare and treatments can be very expensive. Sometimes, it can impact people's jobs.
harsh winters On reason why there are FEW people in far northern regions.
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