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AH Final Exam

What was another name for Pilgrims? Separatist
What was the early Representative Democracy in the USA? House Of Burgesses
What was the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania known as? Mason Dixon Line
Why did the English establish Roanoke? Wanted more people to trade and to buy english goods
Which Spanish Explorer found the Mississippi? Hernando de soto
Who was the first European to see the Pacific? Vasco Nunez
What was the largest city in the world in the 1200s? Hung jo china
Which Portuguese explorer passed the Southern tip of Africa first? Bartolomeu Dias
he Magna Carta was the first document to establish a what? as a peace treaty between the king and the rebels.
Whose trial helped establish freedom of press? Peter Zenger
Who wrote Poor Richard’s Almanac? Benjamin Franklin
in 1765 Parliament passed the Stamp Act, which required colonists to do what? Tax for every piece of paper bought
Which side fired the first shot of the American Revolution? no body knows
Which country was the first to sign a treaty of alliance with the US? France
The Declaration of Independence is divided into a preamble and three main sections. The first main section states ideas about what? General ideas of society and government
How did the Bill of Rights become part of the Constitution? Added through the amendment process
What did most state constitutions have that the original United States Constitution did not have The bill of rights
How is the president of the United States get elected? People vote
A new bill may be introduced which body? The Senate or Congress? Both Senate and congress
How was the French Revolution like the American Revolution? Both gained freedom
Which event forced Native Americans to give up their land in present-day Ohio? Battle of fallen timbers
What was a result of the Lewis and Clark expedition? hat was a result of the Lewis and Clark expedition?
Why Thomas Jefferson was uneasy about buying the Louisiana Territory? Unconstitutional
Suffrage is the right to vote
The Industrial Revolution began in what industry? textile
What did Horace Mann believe was essential for a democracy to work? Public schools and education
Some Northern workers were against abolition because they thought free slaves would take what from them? Their Jobs
Why did American settlers in Texas come into conflict with Mexico in the 1830s? No representation in mexican legislature
What is the importance of the siege at the Alamo? When texas fought independence from mexico
California’s call to join the Union in 1850 would have given free states what in the Legislative branch? More power than the south because they had more free than slave states. And trouble in the home lands
In the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Abraham Lincoln insisted that the territories be kept free from what? Slavery
During the Civil War prices of goods in both the North and the South did what? Rose because needed more funds
What document banned slaves in areas fighting the Union? Emancipation proclamation
When Reconstruction began, Abraham Lincoln’s main goal was to do what? Rebuild the Union
The Battle of Wounded Knee signaled the end to what wars? End of the indian wars
A land rush in 1889 brought tens of thousands of settlers to which Western territory? Oklahoma
What aided in the growth of newspapers in the late 1800s? More people and it started being more entertaining
Why did states improve public education after the Civil War? They needed more skilled people for better/more special tasks
Members of the temperance movement wanted to outlaw what? Alcohol
Name a leader of the Gilded Age? John d rockefeller
Created by: BBALLGIRL1171