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An Era of Change

Pearson Academic Vocabulary

Later became known as hippies, members of this group adopted values that ran counter to the mainstream, rebelled against long-standing customs and challenged the values of American society. counterculture
Counterculturalists valued youth, (the ability to do things without much thought or planning), and freedom of expression. spontaneity
Hippies experimented with new styles of dress and music, freer sexual relationships, and the use of drugs (for enjoyment) recreational
Life in the Haight-Asbury, as in other (isolated areas where the counterculture resided) experienced high rates of drug abuse that led to increased crime. enclaves
The Hells Angels stabbed a black man to death; the ugly violence (asserted opposite views of) the values of "peace and love" that hippies embraced. contradicted
The political turbulence of the 1960s (stirred up angry) conservative reaction in the 1970s. provoked
The National Organization for Women (NOW), established by Betty Friedan, set out to bread down barriers of (unfair treatment of someone based on gender, race, class, etc.) in the workplace and in education. discrimination
NOW worked within the existing political system, lobbying for political reforms and readying court cases to compel the government to (to impose or compel obedience to) existing legislation that banned discrimination. enforce
NOW - which dedicated itself to winning "true equality for all women" and attaining a "full and equal partnership of the sexes" - (excited someone into doing something) the women's movement. galvanized
Phyllis Schlafly denounced women's liberation as "a total assault on the family, on marriage, and on children"; her argument (had an impactful meaning of importance) with many conservatives. resonated
Migrant farmworkers labored for long hours in (lamentable, disgusting, wretched, shocking) conditions with no benefits. deplorable
Beginning in 1942, Mexican immigrants came to the U.S. under the (farmhand) program. bracero
In contrast, most Cubans and Dominicans (left their country to live in America) as political refugees, fleeing their countries to escape the harsh rule of dictators. emigrated
As Indians' dissatisfaction with the government grew, their activism became more (vigorously active and aggressive to achieve a goal). militant
The fire occurred when a spark ignited floating oil and debris - (secondary stuff as a result of) industrialization - on the river's surface. byproduct
Even more (in a shockingly gruesome way), the magazine remarked that in the Cuyahoga, a person "does not drown, but decays." luridly
Eckhardt Beck wrote in the EPA Journal of 1979 that "Puddles of (harmful, destructive) substances were pointed out to me by the residents." noxious
One EPA administrator recalled the scene he witnessed following a heavy rain that sent toxic chemicals (permeating through many small openings) up through the ground. percolating
The (carelessly done) burglary of Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate complex in June of 1972 received little attention at first. botched
For example, in November 1973, long after evidence had (shown Nixon's aids' involvement in Watergate), they were forced to resign. implicated
The committee charged Nixon with (hindering, interrupting, blocking) justice in the coverup of the Watergate break-in, misuse of power and refusing to comply with House subpoenas. obstructing
After visiting China and the Soviet Union, Richard Nixon relaxed the nation's inflexible stance toward communism and applied a more (practical, real actions/real results ) approach to foreign policy. pragmatic
However, Nixon also believed that the American people still wanted the government to address various social ills, ranging from crime to (environmental contamination) pollution
The costs of the Medicare and Social Security disability programs continue to rise, prompting many to voice their concerns about the long-term (ability to pay for) them. solvency
Created by: Ms. Marshall