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Grade 7 SS Final #1

Departmental Final Review Sheet

How did native peoples migrate to North America from Asia? Over a land bridge.
Who were the Native Americans native to NY? Eastern Woodlands peoples including the Algonquin and the Iroquois.
What homes did the Eastern Woodlands people build? Long houses
What foods did Eastern Woodlands people eat? deer, bear, birds, fish, gathered greens, nuts and berries and some cultivated plants
What were some positive effects of the Columbian Exchange? Squash, corn and potatoes to Europe. Wheat, rice and domesticated animals to North America
What was a negative effect of the Columbian Exchange? Diseases wiped out 90% of the native population.
What happened to the Colony of Roanoke? No one is sure. When John White returned to colony with supplies after three years, they were gone. Probably starved.
Why was Plymouth Colony established? for religious freedom
Why was the Massachusetts bay Colony established? The Puritans started it for religious freedom
Why was Pennsylvania Colony stated? Religious freedom. Wmm Penn got a charter for the Quakers
Why was Jamestown important? The first permanent colony in new world. Started tobacco as a cash crop.
What is the Mayflower Compact? Document that Pilgrims signed on ship that called for just and equal laws. 1st document where Americans claimed right of self-governance.
What was the Albany Plan of Union? Plan for colonies to work together during the French and Indian War. It called for authority over western settlements, and gave the colonies the right to from an army and collect taxes to pay for it.
What does the Join or Die cartoon mean? The colonies needed to work together to defeat the French or be overrun.
Why did different colonial regions develop different economies? Because of different climates, geography and resources.
What Is mercantilism? Nations try to gain wealth by controlling trade and establishing colonies
How did European nations benefit from colonies? Colonies supplied raw materials for manufacturing and markets for goods.
What was the French and Indian War? Conflict over the control of the Ohio River Valley between French and British. native Americans joined French at the beginning.
Who won the French and Indian War? British and British colonies (Americans).
What was the outcome of the French and Indian War? British gained control of most of North America. The French kept New Orleans.
What was the Proclamation of 1763? Colonial settlement banned west of the Appalachian Mountains.
Created by: charriez