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Ratio of plastic to plankton? 1:2
How many plastic bags does the world use each day? 2 million
What percentage of plastic comes from land based sources? 80%
How many plastic bottles does the USA use each year? 30 billion
What developing countries are responsible for the land based plastic? Vietnam, China and Indonesia
Why do people in developing countries dump rubbish on the streets? Because there are no organised services to collect the plastic
How many years does it take for plastic to break down into microplastics? 500 years
What happens when plastics break down? They turn into microplastics and release dangerous toxins
What are 3 causes of plastic oceans? Single use plastics, developing countries and sources putting plastic into oceans
What are 2 consequences of plastic oceans? Ingestion of plastic, creation of garbage filled gyres
What are 2 solutions to help plastic oceans? Refusing single use plastics, recycling plastic correctly
What SDC does this relate to? Life Below Water
What percentage of seabirds accidentally eat plastic? 90%
How many deaths of seabirds does plastic cause? Over 1,000,000
What percentage of plastic stays on the oceans surface? 20%
What percentage of plastic sinks? 80%
How many tertiary consumers will eat plastic by accident? 2 in 3
What chemical substances does plastic attract? Plastic attracts BPA and other oestrogenic substances
What happens to BPA and other oestrogenic substances once they have been eaten? The body of what is eating them absorbs the chemicals
How many people get their main source of protein through seafood? 3 billion
What percentage of Americans over 6 had traceable BPA in their systems? 92.6%
What are the consequences for selling, producing or using plastic bags in Kenya? 4 years in jail or a $40,000 fine
What are the Phillipines doing to help this issue? Making laws around the use of plastic
What is the Ocean Cleanup Foundation doing to help? They are making a floating devices that aim to collect plastic from water
What is the Indonesian government doing to help? Developing mass education programmes
What is the Thai government doing to help? Making financial incentives to keep plastic out of oceans and encouraging non-plastic packaging and the developement of eco friendly packaging
What are 3 easy things we can do to help? Refuse single use plastics, recycle plastic, use reusable containers and cups
What will happen if we do nothing? Our oceans will become polluted and full of debris and will continue to pose serious health threats
What solutions seem to be the most successful? The Ocean Cleanup Foundation's floating device and not using single use plastics
What does the Ocean Cleanup Foundation's floating device do? Clear and collect plastic from the surface of the ocean
What will not using single use plastics do? Reduce the amount of plastic being dumped in the sea
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