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5th period Final Rev

Guru Nanak Sikhism founder of Sikhism and first Guru
Guru Gobind Singh Sikhism final human Guru
Guru Granth Sahib Sikhism Sikh holy book
Siddhartha Gautama Buddhism life involves suffering & give up worldly desires
Marco Polo Mongols Traveller who witnessed the Mongolian lifestyle
Genghis Khan Mongols Leader of Mongols;Murdered over 40 million people; grew enormous empire
Leonardo da Vinci Renaissance Great thinker and artist
Martin Luther Reformation Starts Protestant Reformation with 95 Theses
John Calvin Reformation Believes in predestination
King Henry VIII Monarchy Ruler of England;creates Protestant Church of England
Queen Elizabeth I Monarchy Ruler of England; Protestant
Queen Mary Monarchy Ruler of England; Catholic
King Charles I Monarchy Ruler of England, Scotland, and Ireland
Ferdinand Magellan Navigator First complete trip around the globe
Christopher Columbus Navigator Discovered Americas for Spain
Hernan Cortes Navigator Conquered Aztecs
Amerigo Vespucci Navigator Around South America
Philip II National monarchy in Spain
Louis XIV National monarchy in France
Peter the Great National monarchy in Russia
Voltaire Enlightened thinker believing in fair trial and freedom of religion
Jean-Jacque Rousseau Enlightened thinker believing in strong leader
Thomas Hobbes Enlightened thinker believing in social contract
John Locke Enlightened thinker believing in natural rights
Niccolo Machiavelli Enlightened thinker believing in absolute monarch
James Watt Steam Engine
Alfred Nobel Dynamite & Peace Prize
Louis Pasteur Removing bacteria from drink
Henry Ford Assembly line
Charles Dickens Author of A Christmas Carol
Charles Darwin Scientist; natural selection
Florence Nightingale Pioneer in nursing
Beethoven Composer
Simon Bolivar Leads revolution in South America
Father Miguel Hidalgo Leads revolution in Mexico
Toussaint L’Ouverture Leads slave revolt in Haiti
Queen Victoria Longest reign of British monarchy
Alfred Dreyfus Convicted as spy for the Germans
Francis (Franz) Joseph Leader of Austria and Hungary through a dual monarchy
Alexander II Leader of Russia & institutes constitution
Archduke Francis Ferdinand Assassinated and sparked WWI
Gavrilo Princip Part of Black Hands that assassinated ruler of Austria
Woodrow Wilson President of United States during WWI
Kaiser Wilhelm II Leader of Germany during WWI
Vladimir Lenin Leader of Russia during WWI, communist
Leon Trotsky Marxist philosopher
John J.
Adolf Hitler
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