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SS final review

set #3 vocab

Most of the work in the House of Representatives is done in _________________________ . standing committees
Judicial Review the right of the Supreme Court to declare laws unconstitutional
Bill of Rights the first 10 amendments to the Constitution protecting individual rights and liberties
How are constitutional amendments ratified? In order for a proposed change to be made a part of the Constitution ________________ of the states must ratify it. three-fourths
Due Process the government must follow the same fair rules in all cases brought to trial - equal treatment under the Constitution (amendments 5 - 8)
Impeachment - What does the House of Representatives do? brings charges against a high government official accused of wrong doing
Impeachment - What does the Senate do? conducts the trial and acts as the jury
Confederation a weak central government such as the Articles of Confederation
Where in the Constitution does it say that the states and the people have all other powers than those specifically given to the federal government? 9th Amendment
Right to Appeal When a person is convicted of a crime, they still have the right to ask a higher court to review the lower court's decision
Dates Washington was president 1789 - 1797
Precedent an act or decision that sets an example for others to follow
Washington was a very important president because he set precedents which future presidents continues, such as ______________________ and __________________________ . having a cabinet advise him and a president serving only two terms.
Washington's Foreign Policy He felt the new nation was too weak to take sides in disputes of other foreign nations with each other. The US should be neutral or not take sides.
Protective Tariff Northerners liked Alexander Hamilton's proposed high ta on imported goods because the tax encouraged Americans to buy goods manufactured by the factories in the North.
John Marshall The chief Justice of the Supreme Court for 34 years. He established the principle of judicial review in the famous case Marbury vs. Madison.
Louisiana Purchase the US bought this territory in 1803 from France for $15 million dollars.
The Louisiana Purchase _________________________ the size of the US. doubled
Manifest Destiny the idea held by Americans during the 1800's that the United States should stretch across the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.
The US entered this war with Britain because of impressment. The British forced American sailors against their will to work in the British navy. The War of 1812
Industrial Revolution the change from producing goods by hand to making goods by machines using new forms of energy - began in the US in the early 1800's
Steamboat a new type of transportation which brought the greatest change to American life in the early 1800's
Cotton Gin Invented by Eli Whitney in the early 1800's and led to an increased demand for slaves. Slavery became even more firmly established in the South. The South's reliance on "King Cotton" increased dramatically.
Monroe Doctrine in 1828 President Monroe warned European nations not to interfere with the newly independent nations of Latin America and not to start new colonies anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.
Created by: hms204
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