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food and nut


what is vitamin A good for? *good for eyesight *healthy for skin*helps growth
why is iron really important for our body *its needed for the formation of red blood cells
what is starch's function in cooking? *it thickens liquids creating a sauce
what does enrobing mean? *means coating a food with another ingredient, for example, dipping fish in beaten egg and then breadcrumbs
what is emulsion? *when two unblendable liquids are mixed together, for example, oil and vinegar.
which is worse for you ? Polyunsaturated fats or saturated fats ? *saturated fats - comes from animals and animal products like butter and lard
what does carbohydrates do for your body? *to give the body energy.
what's one advantage and one disadvantage of using paper packaging instead of plastic *its cheaper to produce /its biodegradable *its easily damaged/not water resistant - out of date quicker
what does free range mean in agriculture? *is a method of farming where animals are allowed to roam freely.
what does organic mean? *foods have been grown without using chemical fertilisers or pesticides.
what fraction of the eatwell plate does vegetables and fruit take up *a third
what's vitamin D good for? * helps absorb calcium *strong teeth and bones
what's does Coagulation mean? is when something thickens from a liquid to a solid
what do preservatives do? *extend the shelf life of a product. Salt is used used in bacon and sausages.
what is fair trade? *the system makes sure farmers get paid a fait amount of money
what is Lactose intolerance? *is an inability to absorb the sugar that naturally occurs in cow's milk.
what can eating to much fatty and sugary foods lead to *obesity *coronary heart disease
what's does being a pescatarian mean? *that you don't eat any meat but you eat fish*
Created by: chestergolden