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Age of Jackson

Test study guide for history.

Who was Andrew Jackson? Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States. Jackson had the nickname Hickory because he was as tough as hickory wood. Jackson grew up with very little money and then as he moved into presidency he became a lot more wealthy.
Who did Jackson favor more when it came to dealing with the people of the United States? Jackson liked and favored the ordinary or common people. These people were not rich, they had a normal about of money. He supported them because he thought all men should have the same rights no matter how much money they had.
Who were the four candidates in the election of 1824? The four candidates were Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, and William H. Crawford.
Who won the election of 1824? John Quincy Adams won the election after a vote that was sent to the house of representatives. Jackson and Quincy Adams were in a close battle and Adams ended up winning it.
Why did the supporters of Jackson claim that there had been a curropt bargain? They thought this because Henry Clay made a deal with Adams saying that he would hand him the Presidency if he let Clay become secretary of state.
How did Jackson react to the corrupt bargain? Jackson was furious.
How many terms did Adams serve? How was his presidency? Adams only served one term just like his father. He did not get very much done at all during his presidency. He lacked the political skills to do anything. He never gained the trust of the American people because of the corrupt bargain.
Election of 1828 3 times as many people voted in the election of 1828. Most of the new people were supporters of Jackson. He did best in the west and south getting more votes than Adams did. Adams did better near his hometowns in New England.
Who won the election of 1828? Andrew Jackson won the election of 1828.
What were some of the ways of life of the Native Americans? Some of the ways of life were farming and running of certain businesses.
What was the conflict over the Natives land? The Natives owned fertile land and the white farmers wanted the land to grow cotton on. Jefferson was hoping that the Natives would move on their own. The did not move on their own and refused to leave. There was later a law passed forcing them to move.
What was the trail of tears? The trail of tears was the trail that the Natives took while moving to a new land.
Why did Jackson hate the national bank? The bank gave more privileges to the more wealthy people.
What did Jacksons win against the national bank increase? Why? It increased the power of the presidency. It made him seem more powerful because he could handle and take down powerful people in congress.
What ended the Age of Jackson? He had to retire from office because he already ran two terms and got tired of the political world.
Created by: 22DiSciascio1
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