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Jackson's Presidency

Study Andrew Jackson's Presidency

Andrew Jackson was_________ as a war hero for his bravery in the War of 1812 praised
Reform means change. One democratic reform during the Jackson Era included-- allowing white males who did not own property to vote.
The people related to Jackson and thought of him as hero because of his upbringing which included --- poor and he hated wealthy elites.
Suffrage refers to the right to vote
The practice by which Andrew Jackson gave government jobs to his supports is called The Spoils system
People opposed the Spoils system because the hires were not experienced and unqualified
The term " Kitchen cabinet" refers to friends and unofficial advisers.
The refusal of southern states to obey federal laws Nullification
Most of the members of Jackson's "kitchen cabinet" were members of the newspaper including journalists and editors
The term Tariff refers to a Tax on imported goods
The division and disagreements between the regions is called Sectionalism
Jackson threatening to send troops to South Carolina was related to The Nullification Act
The law that Jackson signed allowing the white settlers to take the Native american land is called The Indian Removal Act
The march during Jackson's presidency in which Cherokee and other Native Americans were forced to areas west of the Mississippi river and many children and elderly died was called The Trail of Tears
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