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Chapter 27


Mao Zedong This is the Communist leader of China, he defeated a nationalist army for control of China (1893-1976)
38th Parallel This line of latitude was the boundary between North and South Korea before the Korean War.
Joseph McCarthy This US Senator from Wisconsin led investigations into the spread of communism in American society.
Arms Race This is the growth in weapons based on the number of weapons an enemy country has.
Sputnik This was the world's the first artificial satellite. It was launched by the Soviet Union in 1957
Hydrogen Bomb President approved the work on this. It was far more powerful than the atomic bombs used in WWII.
Brinkmanship This was President Eisenhower's willingness to go to the brink of war to oppose communism.
Cold War This was a period of hostility between Western powers and Communist powers.
Nuremberg Trials These were the war crime trials of Nazi leaders.
Containment This foreign policy was an attempt to stop the spread of communism into new countries.
United Nations This is an alliance of nations that attempts to end disputes between countries peacefully.
Yalta Conferences This was a meeting between the leaders of Allied powers that resulted in a plan for peace after WWII.
Truman Doctrine This foreign policy attempted to contain the spread of communism, beginning with military aid to the monarchies of Turkey and Greece.
Marshall Plan This was the foreign policy where the US could help rebuild war torn Europe with loans and other economic aid.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) This was a alliance of Western powers.
GI Bill of Rights This was a law that offered veterans money for school, houses, farms and businesses.
Fair Deal President Truman's legislative plan for the nation that included anti-lynching laws
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