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How does the Pacific Railway act of 1862 relate to the transcontinental railroad? The Railway Act provided the union pacific and the central pacific companies with loans and 10 sq miles of the public domain for every mile of track laid. That helped the railroads expand across the US more easily.
How does the term Laissez-Faire relate to business/ business expansion? The idea that the government should stay out of the economic system as much as possible.
How does Gospel of Wealth relate to business/ business expansion? the idea that wealthy Americans should spend some of their money on charitable donations to help the poor in their community. This was considered their "civic duty"
How can Social Darwinism be applied to businesses and business expansion during this period? This is the idea that the businesses with the best business practices will survive, while the rest will fail. It's the idea that "only the strong will survive" where business are concerned.
List a name of one of the inventors that was mentioned during the unit. Thomas Edison
What was one thing that the inventor created? This answer depends on what inventor you choose
Explain how the invention is used to improve people's lives. Again, this answer depends on what inventor you choose.
Q: What does the term paternalism mean/ refer to? Treating social dependents as a father treats his children, providing for their needs but denying them rights or responsibilities. (Pg. 287)
2. Q: Explain why Antebellum cotton barons were able to “gain tremendous economic, political, & social importance” that was “out of proportion to their numbers”. These planters were able to do this because they controlled the biggest share of productive land and labor (i.e. slaves) in the South. (Pg. 287)
3. Q: Explain why direct contact between factory owners, workers, & products was difficult in Northern manufacturing cities in the mid - 1850’s. One (1) thing that caused this was the sheer size of factories. Factory owners could not do all of these tasks on their own, so they hired "middle managers" to do them for them. (Pg. 299)
4. Q: What does the term fraternal organizations mean/ refer to? A: "Organizations in which private individuals freely associate as equals for mutually beneficial purposes." (Pg. 296)
5. Q: List one (1) of the two (2) ideas that teacher Bronson Alcott had related to “infant depravity” that had “dominated ideas about child rearing since the Colonial Era”. A: 1.) He stated that children should be treated as "free, self-guiding, & self-controlling" beings; 2.) He also stated that raising children was the mother's responsibility. (Pg. 301)
6. Q: List one (1) way that life was different for pioneers who settled in the Mississippi River valley as compared to those who had settled in places like Michigan & Oregon. A: Land surveyors had already divided the land into rectangular tracts; the surveys included provisions for a township, where settlers quickly established villages like the ones they left behind in New England. (Pg. 306)
7. Q: What did the Preemption Bill of 1841 state? A: Pioneers living on land they did not own often did not have the money to buy the land, but they kept living there. If they did have the money to buy the land, they were often unsuccessful at farming it & making it profitable. (Pg. 305)
12) how does the term “irreligious”relate to the Temperance movement? Members of the “Temperance Movement” thought that alcohol encouraged “irreligious behavior”. So they wanted to ban alcohol completely.
What was the Gettysburg Address? A: Speech that President Lincoln made to dedicate the cemetery at Gettysburg.
What made the Battle of Gettysburg stand out among other Civil War battles? A: It is considered the “turning point” of the Civil War.
3. According to the video we watched, how did the Union Army's role change after the Emancipation Proclamation was passed? A: The Union Army was seen as an “army of liberation”. They also saw a large increase in the size of their army as former slaves enlisted after emancipation.
5. How did cameras (and photographers) change the face of warfare? A: Photographers sent first hand pictures of the battlefields to newspapers where civilians saw them.
6. What was one (1) technological innovation that allowed families to grieve the war dead? A: The process of embalming was invented.
7. Finally, why was life different for Southern women vs. Northern women during the Civil War? A: Southern women experienced the war first hand because most Civil War battles took place in the South.
8. What did the Wade - Davis bill (of 1864) propose? A: Adult males who lived in former Confederate states were required to take an oath of allegiance to the Union.
Q.) Explain what the 15th Amendment did/ established. A.) The “universal suffrage” Amendment. No person shall be denied the right to vote based on race, creed, or condition of previous servitude”.
2. Q.) Write the definition of the term crop lien in your own words. A.) Legal claim on a farmer’s crop, similar to a mortgage based on the use of crops as collateral for extension of credit by merchants.
3. Q.) What did the Military Reconstruction Act of 1867 do/ provide for? A.) It divided the former Confederate states into 5 military districts. These were governed by a military commander.
4. Q.) What was the Mississippi Plan? A.) The use of terror to overthrow Reconstruction in Mississippi in 1875.
5. Q.) How does the Mississippi Plan relate to Reconstruction legislation? A.) This plan was a direct attempt to rebel against Reconstruction legislation.
6. Q.) List two (2) of the five (5) things that forced Congress to turn their attention away from the Reconstruction Era racial troubles. (NOTE: I listed four (4) of the five (5) things in the answer below.) A.) 1. A major economic depression (in the mid - 1870’s); 2. Unemployment & Labor Disputes; 3. Growth of Industry; 4. Development of the West.
7. Q.) Explain how Article I, Sections 2 & 3 of the Constitution affected the House of Representatives. A.) The House of Representatives was given the power to impeach the U.S. president.
What does New South mean? This refers to the efforts by some southerners to modernize their region during the years after Reconstruction. Some promoted a more diverse economic base, with more manufacturing and less reliance on a few staple agricultural crops.
list one (1) thing that proponents of the New South advocated for. Southern cotton should be processed into cloth in Southern mills instead of sent to Northern textile mills. Reduce the region’s dependence on cotton and tobacco (but this was unsuccessful).
explain what the Homestead Act of 1862 did/ established. Provided that any person could receive free as much as 160 acres of government land by building a house, living on the land, and farming it for five years.
explain what the Land-Grant College Act of 1862 did/ established. Gave land to each state to fund a public university, which was required to provide education in engineering and agriculture and to train military officers.
what happens during an expansion cycle? A time when the economy is growing, characterized by increased production of goods and services and usually by low rates of unemployment.
what happens during a contraction cycle? A time when the economy has ceased to grow, characterized by decreased production of goods and services and often by high rates of unemployment.
write the definition of financial panic in your own words. Widespread anxiety about financial and commercial matters; in a panic, investors often sold large amounts of stock to cut their own losses, which drove prices much lower. Banks often called in their loans, forcing investors to sell assets at reduced price
What does the term investment banks mean/ refer to? An institution that acts as an agent for corporations using stocks and bonds.
What does the term stock exchanges mean/ refer to ? A place where people buy and sell stocks (shares in the ownership of companies); stockholders may participate in election of the company’s directors and share in the company’s profits.
how does this relate to business expansion ? Businesses who wanted to expand could “go public” with their company by starting to sell shares of stock to the public. This gives them the capital they need to expand.
What are bonds? A certificate of debt issued by a government or corporation guaranteeing payment of the original investment plus interest at a specified future date.
what does the term return mean/ refer to? This means “the yield on money that has been invested in an enterprise”. Today, companies typically pay a dividend (a proportionate share of the profits) to their stockholders each quarter.
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