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Chapter 8 Civil War

Rural an area with few homes or people
Agricultural Growing crops and raising animals
Manufacturing making good using natural, human and capital resources in factory settings, with many works
Tariff a tax placed on goods coming from another county, to make people choose locally- made items instead of foreign made ones.
Urban a city environment with many people and buildings
Compromise a middle way between two extremes
Fugitive someone who has escaped from a place or had gone into hiding
Union the act of being joined together, and a term used to refer to Northern States during the Civil War.
Emancipation setting someone free from power or control of another person
Abolition the movement to eliminate slavery
Abolitionists someone who wants to eliminate slavery
Ballot a written document used to vote
Secede to pull out or withdraw from
Confederacy southern states that seceded from the U.S in 1860-1861
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