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STAAR Early Republic

1803 Louisiana Purchase: Bought by Thomas Jefferson from France for 15 million
Adams-Onis Treaty (1819) Treaty with Spain to claim Florida for the debt they owed.
Against the National Bank Democratic Republicans were __________.
Battle of New Orleans The Treaty of Ghent was already being approved when this battle started.
Causes of the War of 1812 Interfering with U.S. Shipping, Impressing U.S. Sailors, Britain trying to gain Native American support against U.S.A
Effects/Significances of the War of 1812 Nationalism, Jackson becomes a war hero, Star Spangled Banner, Industrial Revolution
Embargo Act this act stated that America would not trade with any country (whether imports or exports). This only hurt the American economy and no one else.
Europe is to no longer colonize or get involve in ANY of the America's; they are to stay out of the Western Hemisphere. The Monroe Doctrine Stated that_________.
Farmers and Workers Democratic Republicans were mostly supported by....
General Andrew Jackson He was able to beat the British and hold at the Mississippi River (which would have let Britain have the Louisiana Purchase), the win made Jackson infamous in the U.S.
George Washington's Farewell Address Urged the nation to have no political Parties as it weakens the U.S., and to stay neutral in foreign affairs and to avoid permanent alliances with foreign countries
George Washington The Whiskey Rebellion took place in _____________ presidency.
Gibbons V. Ogden Supreme court case that established the the federal governments right to regulate anything that involves commerce between states
James Madison Commander and Chief during the War of 1812 and he ended the problems between Britain and the U.S.
Alexander Hamilton The Leader of the Federalists was...
John Adams The XYZ affair took place in ________ presidency.
John Marshall 4th Chief Justice, helped lay the basis of American Constitutional Law, Secretary of State to John Adams
Judiciary Act of 1789 Created the federal court system. Established a supreme court consisting of 1 chief justice & 5 associate justices; provided 13 district courts & 3 circuit courts of appeal
loose Federalists believed in a _______ interpretation of the constitution.
Louisiana Purchase Thomas Jefferson bought this land from France (Napoleon Bonaparte)for million dollars which doubled the size of the United States.
Manufacturing Federalists believed in an economy based on ________.
Marbury v. Madison Evens out checks and balances when it gave more power to the Supreme Court. It said they have the right of Judicial Review and can declare laws unconstitutional.
Muculloch V. Maryland State had no right to tax the bank established by the national government.
National Bank created based upon the "necessary and proper" clause in the Constitution where the congress can have a loose interpretation of the Constitution
North Based on Manufacturing, Wanted a Protective Tariff, Urban
Northern Merchants, and manufactures These groups of people supported the Federalists...
Presidential Cabinet Washington set a precedent by creating a________so that he is taking the opinions of the heads of executive departments
Strict Democratic Republicans wanted a ______ interpretation of the constitution.
Strong The Federalists wanted a ______ central Govt
These acts targeted Aliens (immigrants) that had to wait to become U.S. citizens and could be kicked out of the country or jailed if they were "disloyal" OR if they had been slanderous or libel -truthful or not- about the gov't (sedition) Alien and Sedition Acts
Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry They were the leaders of the Democratic Republican Party...
Treaty of Ghent ended the war of 1812 and it was able to bring relationships back to pre-war status, no one won or gained anything.
Trying to protect American merchants the U.S. put a high tariff on imported goods which protected domestic manufacturers. Protective Tariff
West As the U.S. grew in size people wanted to move____________.
Whiskey Rebellion Farmers in Pennsylvania did not want to pay a whiskey tax (from the grain they were growing) so they started a rebellion against the gov't. Washington was forced to send troops to stop the rebellion, and the rebels fled.
XYZ Affair 3 american delegates sent to France to negotiate, caused by British and French threatening American shipping, French bribe delegates but US leaves
Created by: sealek
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