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25 Civil Rights Q's

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This good looking dark skin man led the 13 month bus boycott in Montgomery. He was also a very devoted baptist pastor. Martin Luther King Jr.
These horrid southern laws prevented blacks from sharing the same public facilities such as theaters, restrooms, water fountains, restaurants, buses (you name it) with whites. Jim Crow laws
a landmark court case that ruled segregated schools were unconstitutional. Brown v. Board of Education
This happened in Greensboro, NC where four students sat at a "whites only" lunch counter in a restaurant. Sit-In Movement
a name given to nine students of color that enrolled in an "all-white" school called Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas Little Rock Nine
This Muslim black leader believed that violence was the way to gain rights Malcom X
The site of a bombing which killed four young African-American children and injured many others 16th Street Baptist Church
Woman who refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery and was arrested. Caused the locals to organize a boycott in protest Rosa Parks
the year of the Birmingham protest 1963
Given on the march on Washington by Martin Luther King Jr. The "I Have a Dream" speech
The first African-American to play Major League Baseball Jackie Robinson
The rights you have as a member of society Civil Rights
Group that believed that African-Americans should rely more on themselves by controlling their own comunites and businesses Black Power Movement
activists used buses to protest segregation in interstate terminals Freedom Riders
a militant Black political party founded in 1965 to end political dominance by Whites Black Panthers
a separation of people based on race or culture Segregation
the bringing together of all races Integration
a system of spreading opinions or beliefs that are designed to either help or hurt a cause Propaganda
Supreme court decision that said that public places must be racially segregated, and that the segregated places must be of equal status- the idea of "separate but equal" was established Plessy V. Ferguson
this law placed a nationwide prohibition against the denial of the right to vote based on literacy tests (if people could read) Voting Act of 1965
the year of the Brown v. Board of E. court case 1954
School that the Little Rock Nine went to that caused racist whities to whine and get all butt hurt Little Rock Central High School
year of the freedom rides 1961
year of the Mississippi riots 1962
The demonstration march from Selma to Montgomery was nicknamed "Bloody Sunday" due to the brutality and violence troops used against the peaceful demonstrators. Bloody Sunday
Created by: ChrisXO
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