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AMSCO Ch. 29

War Powers Act of 1973 Required any president to report to Congress within 48 hours after taking military action and Congress would have to approve any military action that lasted more than 60 days
Vietnamization Nixon slowly took U. S. troops out of Vietnam, gave Vietnam money/weapons to take over North Vietnam
Oil Embargo OPEC put embargo on oil sold to Israel's supporters causing worldwide shortage and people to switch to Japanese cars, loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs
New Federalism Federal government gave a guaranteed annual income for working Americans, Democratic majority and Congress defeated this
Watergate scandal Public humiliation of Nixon, conviction/jailing of White House officials/aides, paralyzing effect on political system in 70s
American Indian Movement Founded by American leaders to revive tribal traditions
Indian Self-Determination Act of 1975 Gave reservations/tribal lands more control over programs, education, and law enforcement, compensation for treaty violations
Changes in immigrant patterns between 1950-2010 Immigration Act of 1965 let international immigrants move to America, Cubans and Vietnamese came after Communism took over
How did the Immigration Act of 1965 contribute to the changes in immigration patterns? Allowed international immigrants to move to America, but, before this, only certain people could come
Why did the environmental movement of the 70s start out as a bipartisan effort? Americans were concerned over air/water pollution and destruction of natural environments, EPA regulated toxic substances which received backlash from businesses/industries
Name one additional environmental act passed in the 1970s Endangered Species Act (1973) to try and protect natural environments/wildlife (ex; American bald eagle)
Created by: archergirl