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Chapter 12

The end of the 20th century

President Truman's Great Society included government programs to- make life better for all Americans
According to the domino theory- if one Asian country fell to communism, others would follow.
People in the US who were against the Vietnam War became know as- doves.
One of the domestic policies that plagued Nixon's presidency was- fuel shortages.
When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, President Carter- reduced trade and boycotted the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.
The first meeting between Reagan and Gorbachev resulted in- improved relations and treaties limiting nuclear missiles.
The collapse of the Soviet Union eventually resulted in- the end of the Cold War and new freedoms for communist countries in Europe.
The Gulf War- resulted from Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.
Under President Clinton- the US economy became stronger and stronger.
The freeing of the American hostages in Iran- occurred at the time President Reagan became president
The easing of tensions is know as- detente
What caused the end of Nixon's presidency- the Watergate scandal
George Bush was president- when the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed.
Kosovo fought a civil war and declared its independence from- Yugoslavia.
The close presidential election in 2000 was between George W, Bush and- Al Gore.
The towers that were downed in New York City went down on September 11, 2001
Created by: slohrenz
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