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Chapter 7 Review

Abraham Lincoln 16th President, ended slavery with Emancipation Proclamation, killed by John Wilkes Booth
George Meade led the Union soldiers at the Battle of Gettysburg
Robert E Lee Confederate general in Civil War
Harriet Tubman was a former slave who was a conductor on the Underground Railroad, led many slaves to freedom
Fort Sumter Northern fort in South Carolina, first shot of the Civil War was fired
Battle of Gettysburg turning point of the Civil War, Union victory pushed the Confederate Army south
Union Northern Army, nicknamed the Yankees, wore blue
Confederacy Southern Army, nicknamed Rebels, wore grey
Slavery one reason for the Civil War, it was the condition of one person being owned by another person, in 1780 Pennsylvania made it illegal to own a slave
Secede to leave, 11 states seceded from the Union
Jefferson Davis became President of the southern states
Underground Railroad a system of secret routes through which people helped slaves escape to freedom
Conductor someone who led slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad
Passenger someone who tried to escape to freedom on the Underground Railroad
Station a safe place that passengers stay at on the Underground Railroad
Abolition the ending of slavery
Gettysburg Address November 19, 1863 President Lincoln delivered this speech at the Gettysburg Battlefield & made it a national cemetery
Ulysses S Grant Northern General who Robert E Lee surrendered to at Appomattox
Thaddeus Stevens said "the blessings of education shall be carried home to the poorest child"
Clara Barton Founded the American Red Cross
Henry Clay Frick owned most of Pennsylvania's coke ovens in 1885
John Wanamaker opened the first department store in Philadelphia
Frank Woolworth opened the first "Five and Dime" store in Lancaster
Andrew Carnegie Steel King, became wealthy in the steel industry
Technology the use of skills, ideas, and tools to meet people's needs
Invention a newly created product
Union an organization formed by workers joined together to ask for better pay and working conditions
Johnstown place where one of the United States word floods happened in 1889
Oxford the Ashmun Institute opened here in 1854, it is the oldest African American college in the United States still in operation
Strike the stopping of work by workers in order to get higher pay or better working conditions
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