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8 Hist Ch 15 BJU AR

According to the Emancipation Proclamation, under what conditions would Southern states have been allowed to keep their slaves? if they would have stopped fighting
Admiral David Farragut's efforts made this city fall to the union forces New Orleans
After several impressive victories,w hat was the first brutal defeat for Lee? Battle of Gettysburg
After what battle did Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation? the Battle of Antietam
During which battle did J.E.B. Stuart raided General Pope's headquarters and steal Pope's jacket? This brought in the second victory to the confederacy. Second Battle of Bull Run
How did Congress feel about going to war after Lincoln was elected? Led by Senator Crittenden Congress worked towards a peaceful compromise.
How did some men get out of serving in the army? They hired substitutes or paid a $300 fee.
In which battle was Stonewall Jackson accidentally shot by his own men? Chancellorsville
Lincoln's running mate during the 1864 election Andrew Johnson
Name 3 innovations introduced during the Civil War. use of railroads, calvary (lightly armed units on horses), manned balloons, telegraph, ironclad ships and rifling
Name 3 ways the Civil War affected the South. inflation, shortage of manufactured goods, decrease demand for cotton, and run away slaves
Sherman said this was the "Spinal Column of America" Mississippi River
The onlooking ladies and gentle men discovered that war was no picnic here... First battle of Bull Run
This famous confederate attack during Battle of Gettysburg resulted in loss of thousands of confederate soldiers. Pickett's charge
Two warships that were involved in a clash at Hampton roads The Monitor and the Merrimac
What activity did Civil War soldiers spend doing the least amount of time? fighting
What are 3 other names for the Civil War? War Between the States, The Second American Revolution, The War for States' Rights, Mr. Lincoln's War, The Southern Rebellion, The Brothers' War, The Confederate War, The Great Rebellion, The Yankee Invastion (see pg. 284 for more)
What general led union forces to capture important forts and cities that had protected the Mississippi river for the South? Ulysses S Grant
What is another word for camping? bivouacking
What is another word for the draft? conscription
What is the name of the metal covered ships of the Civil War? ironclads
What is the term for forcing men to serve in war? the draft (or conscription)
What Southern city was under siege by the Northern forces for weeks? Vicksburg
What term describes General Sherman's destructive advance through the South March to the sea
What was the Union army's attitude and skill at the beginning of the First Battle of Bull Run? overconfident and unprepared
What were 3 benefits of the Emancipation Proclamation? 1. encouraged slaves to leave their masters 2. gave the North more incentive to fight 3. prevented Britain from wanting to help the South
What were the North's 3 goals (strategies) to win the war? 1. capture Richmond 2. control the Mississippi River 3. establish a blockade to the Southern ports
When were Blacks allowed to join the Union army? after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued
Where did Lee surrender? Appomattox courthouse
Which battle fought after McClellan's forces found "cigar wrappers" that one of Lee's men lost with Lee's orders written battle plans written on it? Antietam
Which battle was NOT a clear win by the Union against Lee's forces? Antietam
Which confederate general won the First Battle of Bull Run? Stonewall Jackson
Who assassinated President Lincoln at Ford's Theatre? John Wilkes Booth
Who did Lincoln say he couldn't spare, because, "He wins." Ulysses S. Grant
Who ran against Lincoln in the election of 1864? George McClellan
Who replaced Joseph Johnston as the commander of the Army of Northern Virginia? Robert E. Lee
Who told his troops to "forage liberally on the country during the march."? General William Sherman
Who told his troops to "let that valley be left so that crows flying over it will have to carry their own rations."? General Philip Sheridan
Why did Lincoln give his famous Gettysburg Address? to dedicate a cemetery
Why was the Civil War called the first modern war? new military and technological improvements
Created by: Mrs_CC
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