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Williams Western Civ

Chapter 8 Study Guide

Difference between the English Parliament and the French Estates General the French Estates General did not gain the "power of the purse"
The principle that a person cannot be imprisoned without first being charged with a crime Habeas Corpus
In the High Middle Ages, the balance of power began to shift toward... the Church
With the "Power of the Purse," Parliament could... limit the power of the king
This ruler required every vassal to swear first allegiance to him and was able to take the English throne. William the Conquerer
The conflict between Henry IV and Gregory VII was caused by a disagreement over... the right to appoint and install bishops
What was the name of the region where Christians believe Jesus lived? the Holy Land
A result of the Crusades a legacy of hatred between CHristians and Muslims
Pope's reason for launching the First Crusade to free the Holy Land
The name of the campaign to drive Muslims from the Iberian peninsula the Reconquista
The eastern Roman empire later became the... Byzantine empire
Rulers that wanted to impose unity on their diverse peoples Ferdinand and Isabella
A series of wars over control of lands in the Middle East Crusades
A Church court that tried people accused of heresy Inquisition
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