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Unit 11 2018


another name for an abolitionist is: reformer
most people who fought to end slavery were called: abolitionists
An abolitionist is a person who: fights to end slavery
The best example of abolitionist behavior would be: criticizing the treatment of blacks in the south
Who burned a copy of the Constitution? William Lloyd Garrison
How did the burning of the Constitution express abolitionist beliefs? It was a way to publicly criticize American laws as unfair and unjust
What was the Liberator? a newspaper
What person was most associated with the Liberator? William Lloyd Garrison
Who did Frederick Douglass work for in the north? William Lloyd Garrison
What was the name of the newspaper owned by Frederick Douglass? The North Star
Define emancipation: freedom
What book made white northerners aware of the horrors of slavery? Uncle Tom's Cabin
Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin? Harriet Beecher Stowe
What AREA did most abolitionist come from? New England
Who created the American Anti-Slavery Society? William Lloyd Garrison
Who created the American Colonization Society? Paul Cuffe
What country did the American Colonization Society create? Liberia
What is the capital of Liberia? Monrovia
Who was Isabella Baumfree? Sojourner Truth
Who was Moses? Harriet Tubman
Who was the first black suffragette and feminist? Sojourner Truth
Define suffrage: To vote
Who was the leader of the Underground Railroad? Harriet Tubman
What exactly was the underground railroad? Safe houses where runaway slaves would hide
Who was David Walker "appealing" to? People of color
Ain't I a woman was a _______ by ________? speech by Sojourner Truth
Frederick Douglass was : The greatest black intellectual of his age, a two time runaway slave, owned a newspaper called the North Star
What crop depended upon slave labor cotton
Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, Paul Lawrence Dunbar were: Poets
What "kind" of emancipation did William Lloyd Garrison demand? immediate
Who became US minister to Haiti in 1889? Frederick Douglass
How many enslaved African Americans returned to Africa when given the chance? 4,000
How did most enslaved people view the efforts of colonization? They rejected colonization because they were born in America and America was their country
who was the most radical black abolitionist? David Walker
What made Davis Walker the most radical Black abolitionist? He believed in the use of violence against white people
How many enslaved people were led to freedom on the underground railroad? 300
who were the two main characters in the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin? Uncle Tom and Simon LeGree
How did Uncle Tom's Cabin affect white northerners? It made them finally realize the horrors done to enslaved people in the south
What did most abolitionist people base their beliefs in? Their Christian faith
who did the 2 main characters in Uncle Tom's Cabin represent? Jesus and The Devil
What black man was the richest black man and what item made him rich? Paul Cuffe/ships
Who encouraged African Americans to fight against slavery during the Civil War? Frederick Douglass
What did Uncle Tom do in the novel Uncle Toms Cabin? He forgave his master
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