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Westward Expansion

to help review for social studies

What is Manifest Destiny? the belief that the U.S was supposed tostretch from coast to coast
What role did Manifest Destiny play in the election of 1844? Polk was in favor of Manifest Destiny so most in favor of manifest destiny voted for polk electing him president
What were accomplishments of presidents 9, 10, and 11? William Harrison died three months in office a war hero John Tyler was VP in office during the annexation of Texas James Polk expanded during Manifest Destiny president during Mexican American war Young hickory has
What started the Mexican American war? The annexation of Texas
Why and how did the U.S annex Texas? Citizens wanted to be a part of the union
What were the parts of the battle of the Alamo? Mexicans tried to stop settlements Santa Anna invaded killed Bowie and Travis only woman and children survived victory led to battle of San jacinto
Why was the battle of the Alamo important? It led to Texas becoming an independent country and it recognized the rio grande as the southern border
What was the Gadson purchase? A 29,000 square mile of territory that the U.S bought for 10 million to finish the railroad that ran from coast to coast.
What were the seven territories? Louisiana purchase Gadson purchase Texas annexation Mexican cession Original America Florida Oregon territory
Rendezvous To meet at a certain place together after a group has been apart
Cede To give up power or territory
Vigilante Someone acting as law enforcement without the right to do so
Mountain man American explorers found living in the Rocky Mountain from around 1810 on
Annex To add new territory to a state or country
Forty niner A person in 1849 who left for the California gold rush
Assimilation The process of adapting ones self or culture to fit in with one another
Created by: Woodkathe
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