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Williams Western Civ

Chapter 7 Study Guide

Three traditions that started to blend in the Middle Ages Roman, Germanic and Christian
When did the Dark Ages start? When the Roman Empire fell
A system usually between a great lord and a less powerful noble and based on a network of mutual obligations. Feudal System
Another word for a lord's self sufficient estate Manner
The knight's code of conduct Chivalry
A penalty from the Christian church that barred someone from receiving the sacraments of Christian burial Excommunication
The body of laws for the Christian Church Canon Law
When Western Europe became more CHristianized in the late 1000's, how did this impact prejudice against jewish people? It increased
Money for investment interest
A document stating the rights and privileges of a town charter
A salaried worker in a guild a journeyman
Someone who paid rent for his land tenant farmer
True or false: The main goal of guilds was to cooperate and protect shared economic interests True
Created by: ebonyw411
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