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Space Race

Review for Space Race Unit - 1960s class

Sputnik 1 The first man-made satellite launched by the Soviet Union.
Sputnik 2 Carries a dog into space, it is the first living thing to be launched into space. It is believed the dog died soon after liftoff.
Explorer 1 First American satellite.
Pioneer 4 First American lunar flyby
Luna 2 Soviet mission that successfully crash lands on moon. It is the first man-made object to successfully reach the moon.
Luna 3 Soviet mission that takes the first photographs of the far side of the moon.
Mercury 2 US mission that launches a chimpanzee on a sub-orbital flight.
Vostok 1 Soviet mission that carries a the first man into space.
Mercury-Freedom 7 Carries the first American into space with a 15 minute flight.
Voskhod 1 Soviet mission that is the first to send multiple men into space.
Voskhod 2 Soviet mission that leads to the first spacewalk
Gemini 4 Mission in which the first American spacewalk occurs
Gemini 7 Mission in which astronauts remain in space for 14 days, a record that stands for about 5 years
Gemini 6 Rendezvous with Gemini 7 for the first true rendezvous in space.
Gemini 8 Docks two spacecraft together for the first time.
Luna 10 Soviet probe that is the first object to achieve lunar orbit.
Apollo 1 During routine testing of the spacecraft, a fire kills all three astronauts.
Soyuz 1 Due to a parachute malfunction, it becomes the mission in which the first death occurs in space flight.
Apollo 8 The first manned orbit of the moon
Apollo 10 Tests the command service and Lunar Module and descends to within 50,000 feet of the moon.
Apollo 11 Mission in which man first lands and walks on the moon.
Apollo 13 Mission in which the oxygen tanks explode and NASA has to improvise a return and reentry plan to return astronauts safely to earth.
Ham Chimpanzee that goes into space as part of the US space program. Is the first hominid in space
Alan Shepherd First American in Space
Laika First living thing in space. Later evidence indicates that the dog did not survive take-off.
Yuri Gagarin First man in space
John Glenn First American to reach earth orbit
Valentina Tereshkova First woman in space
Alexei Leonov Performs the first space walk.
Ed White First American space walk
Vladimir Komarov First man to die in space flight.
Wally Schirra Only astronaut to command Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions.
Frank Borman Commands first manned orbit of the moon, at one point shared the record for most time in space, was part of missions that achieved first rendezvous in space.
Jim Lovell At one point shares record for most time in space, was part of missions that achieved first rendezvous in space, is part of the first manned orbit of the moon, and is part of the crew that survives the Apollo 13 incident
Neil Armstrong First man on the moon
Buzz Aldrin Second man on the moon
Michael Collins Pilots command module on the mission in which the first men walked on the moon.
Created by: mrfordglobal
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