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History 2nd Year SA3

My History Revision

Who invented the seed drill Jethro Tull
Who invented the mechanical reaper Cyrus McCormack
Who invented the Davy Lamp Sir Humphrey Davy
Who invented the rotary steam engine James Watt
Who invented the spinning jenny James Hagreaves
Who invented the Mule Samuel Crompton
Who invented the flying shuttle John Kay
Who invented selective breeding Robert Bakewell
Who invented the crop rotations Charles Townsend
What political ideology Karl Marx create Communism
Is it true that around the 18s0s - 1850s factory workers got a lot more rights Yes
What dieses had an outbreak at the broad street pump Cholera
What was the name of the upper class in Ireland in the 1700s - 1800s the Protestant Ascendancy
These two writers were very big during the enlightenment Rousseau and Voltaire
What two other revolutions inspired the 1798 rebellion The American and the French
What was the name of the leader of the 1798 rebellion Wolfe Tone
What was the name of the society that leaded the 1798 rebellion The Society of the United Irishmen
Where did the Irish go to get help for the rebellion France
What general used terror tactics all through Ulster and Leinster General Lake
Created by: EFinucane16