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Edexcel Politics 1.3

Edexcel A Level Politics UK Politics Component 1.3 Electoral Systems

Under first past the post, what was the votes-to-seats ratio for alternative parties in 2010, 2015 and 2017? 2010: 16.4% of votes : 4.4% of seats 2015: 28.1% of votes : 12.3% of seats 2017: 10.3% of votes : 9.1% of seats DECREASING DISPARITY
The Tories got more votes in ___ than ___ but got less seats, with ___% compared to ___%. The Tories got more votes in 2017 than 2015 but got less seats, with 48.8% compared to 50.8%.
There was a ___% gap between the number of votes Labour and the Lib Dems obtained in 2010, but a ___% gap in the number of seats. There was a 6% gap between the number of votes Labour and the Lib Dems obtained in 2010, but a 30.9% gap in the number of seats.
Summarise the AMS. HYBRID. Two ballots, one for representative and one for party. The party has a 'party list' from which the correct amount of MPs are chosen.
Summarise the STV. PROPORTIONAL. Ranking of candidates. A small team of MPs represents an area.
What percentage of the population voted to keep FPtP in the 2011 referendum? 68%
What percentage of the votes did the government get in with in 2005? 35.2%
Summarise the SV. MAJORITARIAN. Voters vote for their first and second choices. If a candidate gets over 50% they win, but if they don't all but the first and second choices are eliminated and second choices are taken into consideration.
What percentage of votes were predicted to have been wasted in 2015? 74.4%
Do opposing sides in national referendums obtain public or private funding? The two main organisations are granted a predetermined amount of public funding each.
What are the four circumstances in which referendums may be held? Legitimating a major government initiative; getting a government out of a difficult situation; a result of a deal in a coalition; in response to pressure.
What percentage of the whole electorate voted to leave the EU? 37.5% (argument that EU referendum shouldn't have been binding/voting should be compulsory)
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