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Edexcel Politics 2.2

Edexcel A Level Politics UK Politics Component 2.2 Parliament

List the four House of Lords reforms. - Reduction in the number of hereditary peers (92) - Increase in nominated peers (700) - Veto of only a year instead of indefinite - Increase in non-partisan peers
List the three possibilities for electoral reform. - Alternate member system (AMS) - Supplementary votes (SV) - Alternate votes (AV)
List the '6 P's' that each part of Parliament has. - Personnel - Purposes - Powers - Processes - Performances - Proposed changes
List the features of a parliamentary government. - Government formed as a result of assembly elections, usually based on party strengths - Leader drawn from the assembly - Government accountable to the assembly - Government can be removed by the assembly - Separate head of state
Finish the quote by James Madison: "The accommodation of all powers in the same hands... ...may be justly pronounced the very definition of tyranny."
Finish the quote by Thomas Hobbes: "Liberty is... ...power cut into pieces."
How many of the 650 MPs elected in 2017 were ethnic minorities? 52 / 8%
How many of the 650 MPs elected in 2017 were women? 208 / 32%
How many of the 650 MPs elected in 2017 were privately educated? 29% (45% of conservatives, 14% of labour, 6% of the SNP)
How many of the 650 MPs elected in 2017 were of the LGBT+ community? 45 / 7% (19 conservatives, 19 labour, 7 SNP)
What was the average age of MPs in 2015? 50
Summarise the resemblance model. Parliament should be a microcosm of society with regards to social groups.
List the three main criticisms of the resemblance model. - Congruence in the characteristics of the voters and candidates doesn't guarantee accurate representation - MPs only representing their own cultural groups may lead to narrow-mindedness - Equal opportunities may be sacrificed to ensure resemblance.
Summarise the Burkean model. MPs are representatives, not delegates. They should not have to represent the views of their constituents at all times because the constituents have bestowed power into those people.
List the three main criticisms of the Burkean model. - Power corrupts, and therefore the MPs may used the power to their own self-interest - There is a gap created between representatives and constituents - It's an outdated idea because the rise of parties limits the ability to reflect one's own views.
Summarise the doctrine of the mandate. MPs represent a party which was elected on a manifesto - the MPs represent through delivering on those promises.
What are the three ways in which Parliament may be considered representative? Geographically, politically, diversely.
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