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6 Hist Ch 15 BJU HS

476 The Middle Ages began with the fall of Rome in __________.
1215 When did King John sign the Magna Carta?
1400 The Middle Ages ended with the beginning of the Renaissance in _________.
baptism The Roman Catholic Church teaches that salvation comes at _________________________.
Battle of Hastings At the ______________________, Harold Godwinson was killed and Duke William became the king of England.
Benedict Rule Benedict produced a set of instructions for living as a monk that came to be known as the _____________.
Bill of Rights The Magna Carta echoes in the United States Constitution and the _______________________.
body and blood The Roman Catholic Church teaches that the bread and the wine are changed into Jesus' _______________________.
Charlemagne Who expanded learning and extended the Frankish empire?
Charlemagne Who was crowned by the pope on Christmas Day?
Charles Martel Who defeated the Muslim invaders at Tours?
Charles Martel Who formed the Carolingian Empire with his descendants?
chivalry a code of behavior
coat of arms an emblem that identified a knight in battle
court jesters At a medieval banquet the lord and his guests were entertained by the ___________ who provided music, juggling, and acrobatics.
faith The Bible teaches that God's grace and salvation are received through _________________ alone and can never be earned.
fief an estate given by king to a lord
forgiveness Because of Christ's death for sin and His resurrection, Christians can go directly to God to ask for ________________________.
Henry II king who developed England's legal system
John king who imposed heavy taxes to cover his miliatary losses and used his power to gain money and land
king's The Magna Carta limited the ___________ powers and guaranteed certain rights to the people.
lord a noble who had been granted a fief
manor the center of daily life in the Middle Ages
manor the large farming community
Mediator The Bible teaches that Christ is the _____________________ between God and man.
medieval middle age; of or relating to the Middle Ages
monastery a large secluded dwelling where where monks live and work
monastery Benedict founded the Monte Cassino _________________.
monk Who spent hours copying the Scriptures and writings of early churchmen?
Pepin the Short Who gave part of his conquered lands to the pope, who called them the Papal States?
Pepin the Short Who made an alliance with the Roman Church?
priest The Roman Catholic Church teaches that people cannot pray directly to God for forgiveness, but they must go to a _______________, whom they believe is a mediator between God and man.
serf a peasant who lived on the lord's land
shield wall a barrier formed when soldiers stood close and held their sheilds tightly together
That stealing is wrong. What does the Bible teach about Robin Hood's methods?
The lord chose the vassal to manage the fief; the vassal took an oath of faithfulness and service. Describe the relationship between a lord and a vassal.
They had no emperor and needed a leader to guide them. Why did the citizens of the former Roman Empire turned to the church for leadership?
trial by jury a practice in which a group of local people help decide the outcome of a trial
trial by ordeal a practice in which a person had to go through difficult physical circumstances to prove his guilt or innocence
writ a royal order
Created by: Mrs_CC
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