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Japan Axis
Germany Axis
United States Allied
Great Britain Allied
Italy Axis
France Allied
Hitler's government was known as the Third Reich
When Germany invaded Poland which country declared war on Germany with Britain? France
Why do you think many people supported Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler?
The United States remained neutral after Pearl Harbor. False
The hatred of Jews is often called Anti-Semitism. True
The leaders at the Munich Conference signed a pact giving Germany control of the Sudetenland. True
Which day did FDR refer to when he said, "a date which will live in infamy"? December 7, 1941
What is the glorification of military strength Militarism
Who founded the Fascist Party? Benito Mussolini
In the 1944 Presidential election, Roosevelt narrowly defeated Dewey. False
The number of women in the workforce increased during the war. True
The important Allied victory that stopped the Japanese advance on Australia was the Battle of the Coral Sea
Who was giving command of all U.S. Army units in the Pacific? Douglas MacArthur
What was the German's final counterattack? Battle of the Bulge
Who was the commander of the Afrika Korps known as the Desert Fox? Erwin Rommel
Island-Hopping was an effective policy adopted by the Japanese. False
George S. Patton led the U.S. invasion of Sicily. True
Who led British forces to victory in North Africa? Bernard Montgomery
The first atomic bomb exploded at Nagasaki. False
Holocaust Systematic slaughter of European Jews
Genocide Deliberate annihilation of an entire people.
Internment Forced relocation of Japanese-Americans.
Manhattan Project Project to build an atom bomb.
Selective Training and Service Act Provided for the first peacetime draft in U.S. history.
D-Day Date the Allied troops launched an invasion on German-occupied France.
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