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IGHS Winkels

US History Chapter 20 Test

Red Scare fear of communism or socialism
Teapot Dome Scandal during the administration of Warren G. Harding
Flappers Young women of the 1920's who liked to dance/ short hair/ short dresses
Speakeasies an establishment that illegally sold and served liquor during prohibition
Bootleggers people who provided liquor illegally during prohibition
Talkies Movies with sound
Fundamentalism Christian religious movement that every word of the Bible is true
Installment buying a method of paying for an expensive item over many months
Harlem Renaissance Period in the early 1920's in which African Americans blossomed in artistic, literary, and musical expression
Anarchy opposition to all forms of government
Assembly Line a business process in which the product comes to the worker and is put together
Nativism the belief that all of the best people are in the country already /limit immigration
Mass Production a process by which large amounts of products are made at cheaper costs to bring prices down
Jazz Age a nickname for the 1920's coined by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Charleston the most popular form of dance in the 1920's
Volstead Act the official law meant to enforce Prohibition
Prohibition 18th amendment
William Jennings Bryan the prosecutor in the Scopes Monkey Trial
Sports legends Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Jack Dempsey
Movie idols Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Clara Bow
Charles Lindbergh's famous airplane The Spirit of St. Louis
Model T built by Ford/black
two presidential candidates of 1928 and how they felt about Prohibition Herbert Hoover-Dry Al Smith-Wet
What pact outlawed war Kellong-Briand Pact
name of grave in Arlington National Cemetary that honors Vet's The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Warren Harding slogan was "Return to Normalcy"
The Harlem Renaissance included writers Countee Cullen and Zora Hurston
national politics were dominated by Republican Party
played for the New York Yankees Babe Ruth
an organization created by women to keep women involved in politics League of Women Voters
Louis Armstrong "The Great Satchmo"
Bob LaFollette Progressive Party candidate for president
the population shifted from rural to urban because of the automobile
NBC one of the first national radio networks
1st public radio station in the U.S. Madison
Charlie Chaplin popular Hollywood actor
Gertrude Ederle 1st woman to swim the English Channel
Henry Ford paid his workers $5 a day
the farm crisis was caused by too many crops which lowered prices
NAACP wanted law passed to stop lynchings
Created by: Winkels