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Ancient China Review

Warlord Military leaders who own their own armies
Aristocrat a member of an upper class society, usually nobility.
Dynasty A line of rulers who belong to the same family
Mandate of Heaven The belief that the king's right to rule came from the gods
Bureaucracy a group of non-elected government officials
Ancestor a person that someone is descended from
Confucianism the system of beliefs based on the teachings of Confucius
Philosophy the study of the basic ideas about society, education, and write and wrong
Hereditary having title or possession by reason of birth
Social Class a group of people who are at a similar cultural, economic, or educational level
How did the mountains and deserts help Chinese civilization develop? They gave China safe borders to protect them from invaders.
How did the mountains and deserts also LIMIT the growth of China? Mountains and deserts cut off contact and communication with China and other civilizations, making it hard to trade and spread ideas.
Most people in Ancient China belonged to what social class? Farmers
Accomplishments of the Shang Dynasty Pictographs, oracle bone writings, creation of the Mandate of Heaven, starting the Great Wall of China
Accomplishments of the Zhou Dynasty Silk creation and usage; better irrigation systems, strong armies
Qin's efforts to unify China simplified writing system; direct ruling; currency for the entire empire
Han Dynasty improvements to China finished the Great Wall of China; invented modern paper; created civil servant tests; built schools
The Great Wall of China It is a wall isolating China that was built to keep nomads out while protecting people from foreign invaders
The Silk Road This was a network of trade routes connecting China to the Mediterranean Sea. It also helped the Chinese begin to trade with other regions and explore new lands, spreading and obtaining new ideas
Medical Advances of Ancient China Herbs to help the sick; healthy food cures sick; acupuncture use
Scientific Advances of Ancient China cast iron plow; water wheel; iron drill bit; wheel barrow; rudder; silk; modern paper
Cultural and Societal Advances of China Confucianism; schools, civil service tests; first copies ever created; silk to make clothing and other cloth items
Confucius He taught everyone to follow their duty in life, to honor their family, respect their ancestors, to be good and seek knowledge. He also influenced China by helping create civil servant exams, and through promoting peace and harmony by all
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