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Soc Edu Thry 4

Beck Society is becoming increasingly individualistic, which means girls have to be financially independent and therefore look to degree level jobs. 1992
Sue Sharpe In 1976 the priority was marriage > children > career. In 1994 it had shifted to career > marriage/kids. 1976-1994
Higher Education Statistics Agency 68% of girls compared to 63% of boys achieved a First or Upper 2nd in their University degree. 2013
McDonald et al. The notion that girls do better than boys applies most strongly to working-class students. 1999
Edwards and Davis Gender-differentiated primary socialisation leads to girls performing better academically but reinforces a patriarchal society, for example by being more lenient to boys being truant. 2000
Burns and Bracey Girls at secondary schools generally work harder and are more motivated than boys. 2001
Hannan Boys spend leisure time doing whereas girls talk. This builds girls' emotional intelligence. 2000
Wragg Pessimism about the world of work and declining manual job prospects for males translates to an undermined attitude. 1997
Jackson Boys who see themselves in unskilled or semi-skilled jobs are likely not to ascribe to to the academic ethos, and to try to gain credibility through street culture. 2006
Spender When boys questioned/challenged the teachers they were met with respect, but girls were said to be 'unladylike'. Work got better marks when it was said that a boy had produced it. 1983
Sukhnanda Boys feel they receive less support and are more heavily criticised than girls for bad behaviour. Hence they view schools as alien places. 2000
Abraham Deviant boys were sometimes more popular with teachers than academic boys and girls, reinstating gender stereotypes. 1995
Myhill Girls' compliance in the classroom may be a disadvantage because teachers interact with boys more. Also, compliance in the workplace often means not moving up the career ladder. 2000
Machin and McNally The change from O-Levels to GCSEs coincided with improvement in girls' behaviour in comparison to boys'. 2006
Colley Females often end up in low-status professions because of the subject choices they make. 1998
Colley Factors external to the education system can lead to differences in the subject choices made by students. 1998
Francis and Skelton The majority of girls now see a career as rewarding rather than as a stopgate before getting married. They therefore look to degrees. 2005
Created by: lottieball17
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