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history chapter 2

ancient ireland

when did the first settlers in Ireland arrive? during the middle stone ages
where is the oldest sign of a settlement in Ireland? in Mount Sandel county Derry on the banks of river Bann
what did archaeologists discover in 1972? round shaped huts built with upright posts
what are post holes? the holes left in the ground from upright posts from huts that helped archaeologists to be able to work out their shape even after they have long disappeared
how did archaeologists find the shape of huts that have long ago disappeared? by studying post holes
what was also discovered along a hearth or fireplace of a hut? small pieces of flint and the bones of birds and fiish
when was Ireland mostly covered in ice? before 7000 BC
when did the ice age end? 10000 BC
what happened after the ice age? plants and trees started to grow and land bridges connecting Ireland, Britain and all the other European countries were slowly covered in water from the melting ice
when the European countries were slowly covered in ice what was this period called? the stone age
how did the stone age get its name? because the first tools made from humans were made from stone
how did archaeologists know that people lived in Mount Sandel? because of the dating in hazelnut shells that showed people lived there around 7000 BC
where did the first settlers come from? Wales or Scotland because the north eastern coast of Ireland cam be seen from both of these places
what did the settlers most likely travel in dugout canoes or small tube like boats made from animal skin held together by a wooden light frame
when the settlers arrived what wasIreland covered in? dense forest
where did the settlers settle along the coast or the banks of the rivers as they did in mount sandel
where did the first settlers live? in circular hut
what was the frame of where the settlers lived in built from? saplings
what was the frame covered with? animal skin or rushes
what was in the middle of the hut? the hearth/fireplace
what were discovered next to the site of the huts? kitchen waste called middens
why did early settlers move from place to place? in search of food and better living conditions
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