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Practice for test 3


Manifest Destiny Westward Expansion
Big Stick Policy Monroe Doctrine
Monroe Doctrine Stop Europeans from taking more land in the Western Hemisphere
Theodore Roosevelt Progressive Era President
Checks and balances To make sure one branch of government doesn't get more power than the others
French & Indian War First war in America, started taxes, and the Proclamation line
Proclamation line The western boundary of the colonies, located at the Appalachian mountains
New England Colonies Cold weather, know for fishing, boat making
Middle Colonies Mild climate, the bread basket
Southern Colonies Hot and fertile soil
Mercantilism Process of when a country takes another for trade
Thomas Jefferson Influenced by John Locke, one of the writers of the Declaration of Independence
Articles of Confederation First Constitution, it gave all the power to the states
13th Amendment Abolished slavery
14th Amendment Gave African Americans citizenship
15th Amendment Gave African Americans the right to vote for males only
Sherman Anti trust act The law that eliminated monopolies
Trusts Another name for monopolies
Labor Unions Goal was to improve wages, working conditions
Homestead Act A law that gave land and money to people to move out west, take away Indian land
Prohibition banning the sale and distribution of alcohol
Temperance Movement Women blaming societal problems on alcohol
Southern & Eastern Europe Areas of Europe where most Immigrants came from during the early 1800's
Dawes Act law to try to assimilate (Americanize) Native Americans
Trail of Tears Forceful removal of Native Americans from their land into reservations
Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Lucretia Mott Women's rights movement
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