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Making a Nation

Making a Nation- Australian History

How long have the Australian Indigenous people been living in Australia? From 40,000 to 100,000 years
How many different language groups were there living in Australia before 1788? 300 +
What does Terra Nullius Mean? Empty Land
Why were the Aboriginal people nomadic? they moved on from an area once the natural resources were depleted to allow that area to regenerate.
How many people arrived in the first fleet? Approximately 1500 people
How long did the journey from Britain to Australia take? About 8 months
Who was accredited with "discovering " Australia? Captain James Cook
How many ships were in the first fleet? 11
Who was the first British Governor of Australia? Captain Arthur Phillip
What types of people were in the first fleet? Officers and their wives and children, marines, male and female convicts and their children, navy sailors
Why were colonies established in Australia? As a penal colony, provide new opportunities for british subjects, provide raw materials for British manufacturing.
Why did Britain need somewhere to send its convicts? America had declined to accept anymore and the british jails were overflowing.
What percentage of indigenous died around the Sydney Cove area from disease? 60%
What were some of the impacts on the Aboriginal people of British colonisation? Introduction of diseases, taking of Aboriginal lands, death of Aboriginal people, stolen children
What were some of the options for women convicts? women convicts could be chosen as wives by the marines or navy men, be chosen as domestic help for the settlers or be sent to the
Who was John Macarthur? Johns Macarthur was the first settler to begin grazing sheep.
What was the rebellion in 1854 that broke out on the Goldfields about? the miners were upset about high licence fees and police interference.
identify some of the other cultures that came to Australia during this time. Chinese during the gold rush; Afghans to become Cameleers, south sea Islanders to the the cane fields and Japanese to dive for pearls.
What is meant by assimilation? assimilation means when a person or group language and culture become absorbed by another culture.
Created by: deb johns
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