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Civil War

4th Grade SS

What was important about the Battle of Gettysburg? The Confederates would not be able to invade the North.
What was important about Fort Sumter? It was the first battle of the Civil War, called the start of the Civil War.
What was important about Appomattox Courthouse? That is where Lee surrendered to Grant.
What did Lincoln hope to do when the Civil War started? Keep the Union together.
What was General Sherman's role in the Civil War? Union General that led the march to the sea.
How would you describe the economy of the South? based on agriculture.
How would you describe the economy of the North? based on industries.
Did most of the fighting during the Civil War take place in the North or the South? South
Which side included states or territories that remained loyal to the United States during the War? Northern Side
What did the South believe about states' rights? States rights are more important than the Federal rights.
Describe the Atlanta Campaign. Led by Sherman. It burned and destroyed Atlanta and caused the Confederate to surrender the city.
Who was Dred Scott and why was he important? An African American who tried to sue the government for his freedom, but was not allowed because he was not considered a citizen.
What was the Emancipation Proclamation? Who issued it? declared that all enslaved people in the still fighting against the Union were free. Lincoln issued it.
What was the Fugitive Slave Law? A law requiring citizens to return runaway slaves law.
Who was John Brown? An abolitionist who led the attack on Harper's Ferry.
Who was Robert E. Lee? A confederate Army commander.
Who was William T. Sherman? Union general who led the Atlanta Campaign and March to the Sea.
Who was Ulysses S. Grant? Union Army Commander
Who was Harriet Beecher Stowe? Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Who was Jefferson Davis? President of the Confederacy
Who was Thomas Jackson? Confederate General who was nicknamed Stonewall Jackson
What were the causes of the Civil War? 1. Tariffs: The N. supported taxes on goods. 2. Industry & Agriculture: The N - industry and the S - agriculture 3. Slavery: The S needed slavery to survive. The N did not want slavery to continue. 4. Sectionalism: S was more loyal to themselv
What were the effects of the Civil War on the North and the South? Uncle Tom's Cabin, HBS said slavery was evil Lincoln election - south unhappy Confederacy left the USA
Other facts South was destroyed. Lots of deaths on both sides. Virginia was divided into Virginia & West Virginia. Nation was reunited - Reconstruction`
Created by: shannonbacha



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